No, there is no public release date yet, but we assure you it’s coming soon!

As we quickly close in on the one-year anniversary of NorthWest Studios, we would like to bring you a quick update on our progress and plans for release for our first map, Aberdeen. We’ve been hard at work getting everything planned and hope to share some of this exciting news with you!

For the most up-to-date information, and development progress as it happens, make sure you have joined our discord server!

Our development timeline is as follows:
End of May – Beta Testing Application closes. Applicants shortlisted and contacted.
Mid-June – Beta testers contacted; testing begins. Bugs squashed (hopefully).
End of June – Beta testing finishes. Supplementary content finalized.

We do not have any release date planned and do not intend to have one until a week before release. Once we are ready to announce, we will notify on all of our social channels, including Discord and Virtual Transportation Center!

Revisiting Pacific Central Station

Just over 11 months ago, the first objects of Aberdeen were placed along Washington Avenue. Soon after, the first major terminal in Aberdeen was created: Pacific Central Station. As the map expanded westward towards Downtown Aberdeen, most of the scenery in this area was left neglected. A couple palm trees and a fence was set up, but not much else was done. Not anymore! Since the completion of the Phase 1 road network, we have begun retrofitting older parts of the map. Pacific Central Station is no exception, and has gotten the treatment it deserves.

AI Routes

In addition to scenerizing Pacific Central Station, we have also given it more life through AI Routes. As one of the major hubs in Aberdeen, three of the four drivable routes depart from this station. During peak hours, one bus arrives and one bus leaves every 1-3 minutes. Although quite large, drivers must be attentive to other traffic! Lanes are designated for layovers and each route should stick to their own lanes, in order to prevent delaying other outgoing buses.

Waterfront – Beach Street

Another part of the world which has been fully scenerized is Waterfront. This area takes inspiration from Seattle’s Pike Place Market, as well as the general “west coast” feel.

Overall Improvements to Scenery

Many areas across the map have been touched up to reflect our current quality standards. Hopefully by the end of our efforts, it will be difficult to tell which part of the map was made first and which parts were made most recently!

Planned Chrono Events

As the core road layout and scenery is close to completion, we are planning some special events to take place on various days of the year. This list is not yet final and they may not release with the first phase of the map either. Descriptions of these events are listed below:

Construction on Washington Avenue
 Dates: February 15, 2021 - February 30, 2021
 Roues Affected: 7
The City of Aberdeen has initiated huge renovations along the busiest east-west corridor entering central Aberdeen. As a result, construction repairs are taking place between Norman Street and Nelson Street. During this time, heavy delays are expected. 

Jordan Busway Single-lane Construction
 Dates: July 11, 2021 - July 17, 2021
 Roues Affected: 5, 7, 17, 67
As part of ongoing improvement to Aberdeen’s road network, the Jordan Busway will be operating at a one--lane capacity between Eisenhower Avenue and Georgia Street. During this time, bus stops will be relocated or discontinued. Please follow in-game helper arrows and instructions.

CES Convention @ Aberdeen Civic Center
 Dates: January 5, 2022 - January 8, 2022
 Roues Affected: 17
The major technology trade show run by the Consumer Technology Association has returned to in person trade shows for 2022. After two years of virtual events, CES will be running in person at the Aberdeen Convention Center this year. As a result, additional trips of the Route 17 have been added to aid transportation to and from the convention center into Downtown Aberdeen.

Vaccination Shuttles - Aberdeen Civic Center
 Dates: February 1, 2021 - April 30, 2021
 Roues Affected: n/a
To aid with the accessibility of the COVID-19 vaccination for those unable to travel by other means, AMB has partnered with Aberdeen Health Authority to provide vaccination shuttles.

Major Collision on Bellevue Street
 Dates: September 15, 2021
 Roues Affected: 5, 7, 17
A major accident in the core of Downtown Aberdeen has completely shut down two city blocks between Jordan Avenue and 4th Street. AMB Routes from Jordan Busway to Aberdeen Art Gallery have been diverted to run along Georgia Street between Jordan Avenue and 4th Streets, skipping Bellevue/4th Street EB and WB stops.
About the author: Adam
Co-Founder of NorthWest Studios

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