Cecil Transit (Formerly known as Cecil County Transit) is the primary transit operator in Cecil County, Maryland. Cecil Transit operates 4 routes from Elkton, Maryland to Glasscow Maryland, Perryville Maryland, and Newark Delaware.


Cecil Transit operates four fixed bus routes and two “demand response” services. While Cecil Transit fixed routes have numbers, they all are externally referred to with individual “connector” names.

  • Route 1 – Glasgow Connector – Loop route serving Peoples Plaza in Delaware, connecting with DART First State Services, and serving Union Hospital, Cecil College-Elkton Station, Elkton Super Walmart, and Big Elk Mall
  • Route 2 – Cross County Connector – East/West artierial service from Elkton, MD to Perryville via US-40
  • Route 4 – Elkton-Newark Connector – Loop route serving Cecil College – Elkton Station, Peoples Plaza, connecting with DART First State services, Newark Transit Hub connecting with DART First State, and Newark Train Station, connecting with DART First State and SEPTA Regional Rail
  • Route 5 – Commuter Connector – Connecting SEPTA Regional Rail service in Newark, DE, to MARC Service in Perryville, MD. Conviently enough, this line also connects to Harford Transit LINK‘s route 5 at Perryville Station

Fleet Roster

Not much is known about the Cecil County Transit fleet roster, but most of their cutaways seem to be Ford F450 chassis hooked up to Coach and Equipment Phoenix bodies.

2010Ford E450/Coach & Equipment

(most likely retired)
2014International 3200/Eldorado Passport-HD250-252 (2014)
253-256 (2019)
Three buses were ordered in 2014 to operate on Elkton-Newark Connector, relacing DART First State route 65 in 2015

First low floor buses in the fleet
2017Ford E450/Coach & Equipment
Phoenix DRW
Cecil Transit 241235-242
The roster is not complete just yet, some details are missing