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Photo of the Month November 2022
CTA Proterra ZX-5 on route 66 by XcelScrap

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Seeing as SEPTA is one of the most popular agencies featured on this site, we offer a wide array of SEPTA media from photos to announcements. Below are some common links to SEPTA related media

MBTA Neoplan AN440LF ETB on route 73
MBTA Neoplan AN440LF ETB on route 73 from Wikipedia
MBTA Silver Line XE60
MBTA Silver Line XE60 Electric Bus Not in Service photo by MCMM Productions
MBTA Silver Line Dual Mode ETB
MBTA Silver Line Dual Mode ETB at Silver Line Way Station

A Quick Goodbye To The MBTA Trackless

On March 12th, 2022, MBTA Discontinued trackless trolley service on routes 71, 73, and 77A, which marks the end of trackless trolleys in North Cambridge.

The Silver Line trackless trolley service is to be discontinued later in the year, replaced with hybrid-electric buses

Rest in Peace MBTA Trackless Trolleys in Cambridge, 1936-2022

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