Westchester County "The Bee-Line System" in Westchester County, New York


Westchester County’s Bee-Line Bus System (also known as “The Bee-Line System”) is the primary transit operator in Westchester County, New York. Westchester Bee-Line operates several routes into the Bronx, New York City, as well as Manhattan, New York City


Westchester Bee-Line operates several bus routes to White Plains, Westchester County, and the Bronx, New York City, NY. All bus lines are operated by Liberty Lines Inc Except routes 16, 18, 31 which are operated by PTLA Enterprise INC. Below are some key points where Bee-Line buses connect with MTA New York City

  • Routes 1, 1C, 1T, 1W, 1X, 2, and 3 operate to the Van Cortlandt Park-242 Street Subway Station, connecting with MTA New York City Bus routes Bx9 and BxM3, and MTA New York City Subway’s 1 train
  • Route 8 operates to Mount Saint Vincent at the Bronx-Westchester Boarder
  • Routes 25 and 26 (as well as the 42 on weekdays) operates to 238 Street Subway Station, connecting with the MTA New York City Subway 1 Train
  • Routes 40, 41, 42 and 43 operates to the 241st Street Station in the Bronx, connecting with MTA New York City bus routes Bx39 and BxM11 as well as the New York City Subway’s 2 Train
  • Route 45 operates to Pelham Bay Park Station, connecting with MTA New York City bus routes Bx5, Bx12, Bx12 SBS, Bx23, Bx24, Bx29, BxM8, and Q50 as well as the MTA New York City Subway’s 6 train.
  • Routes 52 and 55 operates to Dyre Avenue Subway Station, connecting with MTA New York City’s 5 Train
  • Route 54 operates via Mundy Lane in The Bronx connecting with MTA New York City Bus route Bx16
  • Routes 60, 61, and 61 operate to Fordham Plaza in the Bronx, connecting to MTA New York City routes Bx9, Bx12, Bx12 SBS, Bx15, Bx15 LTD, Bx17, Bx22, Bx41, and Bx41 as well as the Metro-North Railroad
  • Route BxM4c, Express bus service into Manhattan from White Plains, Operated by Liberty Lines Inc

Fleet Roster

Bee-Line’s fleet mostly consists of Low Floor hybrid buses, but there are a few older high-floor diesel buses still circulating around.

2004Orion Bus Industries
V 05.505 32ft bus
Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR/
Allison B400R-5
116-136Used on low-ridership routes and shuttle services.

Currently retiring
2006Orion Bus Industries
V 05.501 (40 foot)
Bee-Line OrionCummins ISM/
Allison B400R-5
601-704662 currently retired
2006Orion Bus Industries
VII HEV 07.501
Bee-Line Orion VII HEVCummins ISB/
BAE Systems HybriDrive
2008Orion Bus Industries
V Suburban
Bee-Line Orion V SuburbanCummins ISL/
Allison B400R-5
801-830Suburban buses

828-830 sold to other agencies
2009North American Bus Industries
Bee-Line NABICummins ISB/
Allison Ep40
2018-2019New Flyer
Cummins L9/
BAE Systems HybriDrive
301-378350 currently retired
2021New Flyer
Siemens ELFA2141-144First Electric buses in the fleet

Currently being delivered
2021New Flyer
Siemens ELFA2145-146
2021 – 2022New Flyer
Westchester Bee-Line XDE40Cummins L9/
BAE Systems HybriDrive
398 – 463Currently being delivered
The Bee-Line System Fleet Roster, images by tricky over on the discord server