SEPTA Capacity Limits Lifted

After a year of operating buses and trains with limited capacity, the limits are finally lifted. Passengers and riders can now board buses as normal without worrying about the capacity…

Aberdeen: Road to Release

A quick update for Aberdeen as we get closer to our (unannounced!) release date.

NorthWest Studios: Another Map!

NorthWest Stuidos announces a new map project for OMSI 2!

Planned Fleet, AI Lists, & Repaints Rollout!

Screenshots Included!

New Year’s Progress for Aberdeen!

New Updates for the New Year!

Saratoga County Map Released!

Guess what OMSI fans? A new US based map called Saratoga County has just been released! What is Saratoga County? Well let’s find out! Saratoga County is a fictional county,…

The Future of the New York City Subway B Division: R211 Subway Car Series

New York City, NY – MTA New York City Transit has unveiled the new cars, known as the R211s, a few years ago. These cars are to be built by…

Massive Service Cuts in Store for SEPTA Regional Rail

According to SEPTA, there will be massive service cuts to the regional rail network with the upcoming regional rail schedule changes for January 24th. For the most part, the cuts…

Not a Good Day in the Bronx

Tonight, on January 14th, 2021 at 11:20 pm, an MTA Articulated Bus was reported to be hanging over an overpass in the Bronx. The articulation bend on this bus appears…

Why some SEPTA Routes Letters

On February 12, 2012, SEPTA eliminated route C in favor of routes 4 and 16. While many people protested this change, saying that the C bus has always been the…

Suggestions Welcome

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DashTransit Channel Throwback Week!

From now until January 14th, All videos on the DashTransit channel will exclusively be throwbacks!