New Jersey Transit, often referred to as NJ Transit or NJT, is the main provider and operator of the bus, commuter rail, and light rail services throughout the state of New Jersey. NJ Transit also operates bus and rail service to Philadelphia and New York City.

NJ Transit Headquarters is located at 1 Penn Plaza East, Newark, New Jersey, 07105

NJ Transit Routes and Service

NJ Transit operates three different modes of transit primarily. These services are bus, commuter rail, and light rail. All transit service in New Jersey either primarily serves southern NJ, or Northern NJ. Very few services operate between the two (such as route 319, and the Northeast Corridor Line).

NJ Transit Bus Routes

NJ Transit bus service is split up into two sub-divisions: Northern NJ and Southern NJ. NJ Transit has a bit of a numbering scheme that covers this. There are a few exceptions which will be listed below

  • Northern New Jersey
    • Routes 1-99: Local Bus service to Elizabeth, Hoboken, Journal Square, Newark
      • Route 67 is an exception, as it is a commuter bus line.
    • Routes in the 100 series routes: bus service From New York City to Central and Northern New Jersey.
    • Routes in the 300 series: commuter bus service
      • Routes 361 and 375 are exceptions, as they are limited-stop alternates to local lines.
    • Routes in the 700 series: Bus service to Bergen and Passaic counties
    • Routes in the 800 series: Bus service to Middlesex, Monmouth, and Morris counties
      • Routes 890 and 891 are the exception, as it operates from Warren County into Easton, PA, connecting with LANTA Bus.
  • Southern NJ
    • Routes in the 300 series: commuter bus service
    • Routes in the 400 series: Southern New Jersey service to Camden and Philadelphia, some routes connect with SEPTA in Philadelphia, and PATCO at Walter Rand Transportation Center.
    • Routes 501-549: Local Bus service to Atlantic City and Cape May
      • Route 510 is an exception, as it is a seasonal commuter bus line to Wildwood.
    • Route 550-599: Express service to Atlantic City and Cape May
      • Route 555 is an exception, as it does not enter Atlantic City or Cape May
    • Routes in the 600 series: Local bus service to Trenton, Hamilton, and Princeton. Most routes connect with SEPTA at Trenton Transit Center

NJ Transit Bus Fleet Roster

NJ Transit operates two primary types of buses. These bus types are commuter coaches and traditional transit buses. However, each type has two sub-types. Commuter coaches can either be forty or forty-five feet long. Transit buses can be forty or sixty feet long. Transit buses also have suburban configurations with softer seats and overhead luggage compartments.

YearMake/ModelImageEngine/TransmissionFleet NumbersNotes
2008North American Bus Industries
416.15 Suburban
4MP_IMG_2550.JPG2012-02-09_031_281280x96129.jpgCaterpillar C9/
ZF Ecomat IV 6HP
5201 (2007)
5202-5345 (2008)
5226, 5308-5321 wears a special “GoBus” livery and operates on route Go28
2009-2010North American Bus Industries
416.15 Suburban
2012-02-09_044_281280x96029.jpgCummins ISL/
ZF Ecomat IV 6HP
2010North American Bus Industries
2012-02-09_015_281280x96129.jpgCummins ISL/
ZF Ecomat IV 6HP
5501-56305591-5608 are equipped with luggage racks and operate exclusively on route 62
2011-2013North American Bus Industries
NJT NABI in CamdenCummins ISL/
ZF Ecolife 6AP1600B
5631-6549 5650+ Have new squared-off doors
5846+ Have new leather seats

6394-6398 wear a special “GoBus” livery, and is used exclusively on route Go25
2011North American Bus Industries
2014-05-07_051_281280x95929.jpgCummins ISL/
Allison B400R6
2011Motor Coach Industries
Cummins ISM/
Allison B500R6
8951, 8952Operated by Academy
2014-05-07_030_281280x95929.jpgCummins ISLG/
ZF Ecolife 6AP1700B
7201-7214These buses are still owned by NJ Transit, despite the fact that they do not operate. These were psuedo-replaced by the 2014 order of MCI CNGs
2014-2015Motor Coach Industries
Snapshot_-_30.jpgCummins ISLG/
Allison B500R6
7215-7361These were ordered due to the cancellation of the Designline coach order.
2015-2016Motor Coach Industries
Cummins ISL/
Allison H 50 EP
4008-4044First full order of hybrid coaches by NJ Transit
2016-2019Motor Coach Industries
IMG_0076.jpgCummins ISX/
Allison B500R-6
First set of coaches numbered by year
19137 is currently retired
18097-18119 and 19031-19067 are lavatory equipped
2019-2022Motor Coach Industries
Cummins X 12/
Allison B500R-6
Currently being delivered
2020New Flyer
NJ Transit XD60Cummins L9/
Allison B500R6
2022New Flyer
20230705_123116.jpgSiemens Electric22901-22908 On Order
 Wears a special GREEN livery
 First fully electric buses in the fleet
2023Ford E450/
Coach and Equipment
Snapshot_-_567.pngFord E450 Chassis23901-23904 Assigned to routes 890 and 891
 Operated by Delaware River Coach Lines
2024New Flyer
Cummins L9/
Allison B500R6
24001-24060 on order
 extra option buses from the 2020 order

NJ Transit Light Rail Operations

NJ Transit operates three different light rail systems with six lines total. The systems are the Newark Light Rail, Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, and the River Line.

  • The Hudson Bergen Light Rail operates in Hudson County, New Jersey. The lines themselves serve Bayonne, Hoboken, Jersey City, Union City and Weehawken. Two of the three lines serve Hoboken Terminal and Connect with PATH services
    1. The 8th Street-Hoboken Line operates from 8th Street Station in Bayonne to Hoboken Terminal
    2. The West Side-Tonnelle line operates from West Side Avenue Station in Jersey City to Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen
    3. The Hoboken-Tonnelle line operates from Tonnelle Avenue Station to Hoboken Terminal
  • The Newark Light Rail operates in Newark, New Jersey, and provides service to the Newark Broad Street Station, Newark Penn Station, and Grove Street. Both Lines serve Newark Penn Station, providing connections to PATH service.
    • The Newark City Subway operates from Newark Penn Station to Military Park and Grove Street in Bloomfield.
    • The Broad Street Extension operates from Newark Penn Station to Newark Broad Station with access to the Washington Park and Riverfront Stadium.
  • The River Line is a single line that operates in Southern New Jersey from Camden to Trenton, with stops in Pennsauken and Burlington. The River Line connects with PATCO at Walter Rand Transportation Center and SEPTA at Trenton Transit Center. The River Line also connects with BurLink at Riverside, Florence, and Roebling Stations.

NJ Transit Light Rail Fleet Roster

YearMake/ModelImageNumbersUsed ONNotes
1999-2004 Kinki-Sharyo LRV IMG_0027.jpg 101-121Newark Light Rail
1999-2002Kinki-Sharyo LRVIMG_0027.jpg2009, 2014-2015, 2018, 2020, 2027, 2029-2053
5002-5008, 5010-5013, 5016-5017, 5021-5026, 5028, 5054
Hudson-Bergen Light Rail5000 series are extended 5-section sets, converted in 2017
2004Stadler Rail Group/Bombardier GTW 2/6 DMU 2012-02-09_022_281280x96029.jpg 3501-3520River Line