Newark, NJ – New Jersey Transit advanced the delivery of the 2022 D4500CT highway coaches from Motor Coach Industries (MCI). There are to be 120 of these buses delivered, which will complete the contract placed in 2016 with MCI.

Then-Brand New 2019 MCI D4500CT at SEPTA Roadeo 2019
Then-Brand New 2019 MCI D4500CT at SEPTA Roadeo 2019

This will be the last and final delivery of the CT model as Motor Coach Industries intends to discontinue this model beginning FY 2023. The MCI D4500CT and D4000CT models will be replaced with the CRT and CRT LE models which are already in production.

NJ Transit has been a loyal customer to the CT models, as they’ve been receiving them since conception in 2008, originating from an MTA rejected order. Starting in 2014, New Jersey Transit has exclusively ordered MCI D4500CTs for their coach bus fleet. To show this, starting in 2016, all coach buses (and eventually transit buses) were numbered based on year, as opposed to having a normal 4-digit number.

With this last order, NJ Transit will have to look at new models for their future fleets.

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