Maryland Transit Administration or MTA Maryland for short is a state-operated transportation administration in Maryland. This administration is part of the Maryland Department of Transportation, or MDOT, and is the primary operator of transit in Baltimore, MD, and Baltimore County. MTA Maryland is the largest transportation agency in Maryland and the 11th largest in the United States.

Headquarters Location

The Maryland MTA Head Quarters and main offices are located at 6 St Paul St, Baltimore, MD 21202

MTA Maryland Routes and Service

MTA Maryland operates four modes of transit within its boundaries, including commuter rail service under the “Maryland Area Regional Commuter” brand, aka MARC, and bus, subway, and light rail service under the Baltimore Link brand. Most of MTA’s service operates within the city limits of Baltimore City, but some local buses, as well as the Light Rail Link, operate out to Glen Burne, BWI Airport, and Anne Arundel County. MARC Trains and commuter buses also operate as far as Washington DC.

MTA Maryland Bus Operations

Since 2017, MTA Maryland adapted a new route system known as the “Baltimore Link” for the local and rapid routes. The routes can be summarized as the following:

CityLink Brown Bus
MTA 2019 New Flyer XD40 serving the CityLink Brown
  • Local Link. These are neighborhood-centric local bus routes and can be identified as numbers from 21-95. The higher numbers (40-95) operate to the outskirts of the city, whereas the lower numbers (21-39) are crosstown routes.
    • Crosstown LocalLink Routes: 21, 22, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 33, 34, 36, 37, 38
    • Neighborhood LocalLink Routes: 51, 52, 53, 54, 56, 59, 62, 63, 65, 67, 69, 70, 71, 73, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 85, 87, 89, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95
  • CityLink. These are the more frequent bus routes that operate on central corridors at high frequencies, usually passing through the downtown area. They can be identified as colors aka CityLink Purple PL.
    • CityLink Colors and Symbols: Blue BL, Brown BR, Gold GD, Green GR, Lime LM, Navy NV, Orange OR, Pink PK, Purple PR, Silver SV, Red RD, and Yellow YW
  • Express Link – These routes are express versions of the Local Link lines, that terminate within Baltimore City. They can be identified by numbers in the 100 series, and usually, run in peak directions during the rush hours only.
    • Express Link Routes: 103, 104, 105, 115, 120, 150, 154, 160, 164
  • Commuter Express – As the name says, these are commuter express routes that, similar to express link, usually operate in Baltimore City. However, these routes go across the entire state of Maryland, and even to Washington DC. These buses are looked over and managed by MTA Maryland, but operated by other Contractors.
    • Inter-county-Connector (ICC) – These routes on MD State Route 200
      • 201, 203, operated by DILLON’S BUS SERVICE INC.
      • 204 operated by ATLANTIC COAST CHARTERS
    • Service to Anne-Arndell and Queens Arndell County via US Route 50
      • 210, 215 operated by ACADEMY EXPRESS, LLC
      • 220, 230, 240, 250, 260 Operated by DILLON’S BUS SERVICE INC.
    • Service to Howard County
      • 310, 320, 410, 411, 420 operated by ACADEMY EXPRESS, LLC
      • 315, 325 operated by MARTZ/GOLD LINE
      • 335, 345, operated by DILLON’S BUS SERVICE INC.
    • Service to Fredrick and Montgomery Counties
      • 505, 515 operated by ATLANTIC COAST CHARTERS
    • Service to Charles and Prince George’s Counties to/from Washington DC
      • 610, 620, 630, 650 operated by MARTZ/GOLD LINE
      • 640 operated by ACADEMY EXPRESS, LLC
    • Service to St Mary’s and Prince George’s Counties to/from Washington DC via MD State Route 5
      • 705 operated by ACADEMY EXPRESS, LLC
      • 715, 725, 735 operated by Keller Transportation, Inc.
    • Service to Calvert County
      • 810 operated by MARTZ/GOLD LINE
      • 820 operated by ACADEMY EXPRESS, LLC
      • 830, 840, 850 operated by Keller Transportation, Inc

MTA Maryland/Baltimore Link Bus Fleet Roster

Maryland MTA’s fleet consists of about 700 buses, most of which are New Flyer Xcelsior Models built between 2011 and 2019 (as this was the only type of bus MTA had received in this time frame)

Fleet NumbersNotes
2008-2009New Flyer
MTA MD New Flyer DE60LFR on LocalLink 79Cummins ISL
Allison Ep50
08001-08030 Retiring
08001 and 08002 2008 models
2009New Flyer DE40LFRSnapshot_-_42.png
Cummins ISL
Allison Ep40
2010New Flyer DE40LFRMTA MD 10xxxCummins ISL
Allison Ep40
2011New Flyer
IMG_0011.JPGCummins ISL9
Allison H-40 EP
2011New Flyer
MTA Maryland 11xxx Not in ServiceCummins ISL
Allison H-40 EP
2012New Flyer
IMG_0090.JPGCummins ISL9
Allison H-40 EP
2012New Flyer
IMG_0110~0.JPGCummins ISL9
Allison H-50 EP
2013New Flyer
Snapshot_-_10.pngCummins ISL9
Allison H-40 EP
2013New Flyer
Snapshot_-_65.pngCummins ISB
BAE Systems
HDS200 HybriDrive
2014New Flyer
IMG_0059.JPGCummins ISL9
Allison H-40 EP
2016New Flyer
IMG_0113.JPGCummins ISL9
Allison B3400 xFE
2016New Flyer
IMG_0093.JPGCummins L9
Allison B3400 xFE
16040-16099, 17000
2017New Flyer
Snapshot_-_9.pngCummins L9
Allison B3400 xFE
2018New Flyer
Snapshot_-_57.pngCummins L9
Allison B3400 xFE
2019New Flyer
IMG_0084.JPGCummins L9
Allison B3400 xFE
IMG_0031.JPGCummins L9
Allison B3400 xFE
LFS Artic
Cummins L9
Allison B500
Cummins L9
Allison B3400 xFE
2023New Flyer
“Xcelsior CHARGE H2”
Siemens Electric Propulsion System23091-23094
2023New Flyer
“Xcelsior CHARGE H2”
MTA Maryland BaltimoreLINK 2023 New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE™ on Light RailLINK shuttleSiemens Electric Propulsion System23095-23097

Metro Subway and Light Rail

ABB Light Rail Vehicle on Light RailLink

Since 2017, the Baltimore Subway became known as the Metro SubwayLink, and the Baltimore Light Rail became known as the Light RailLink. Both are rail systems that operate between downtown Baltimore and the suburbs. The Light Rail Link also serves the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, with service to the Baltimore Penn Station. The Metro SubwayLink serves Johns Hopkins Hospital and Owings Mills.


  • Light RailLink (map) – These all share space between MT Royal and Camden Yards Station. Some Trains terminate at North Avenue Station, as this is the main train yard for the Light Rail Link. Hunt Valley Service often alternates terminating at Fairgrounds Station during the rush hours. Main Line trips include:
    • Light RailLink Hunt Valley => Cromwell Station (Glen Burne)
    • Light RailLink Hunt Valley => BWI Airport
    • Light RailLink Camden Yards => Penn Station
  • Metro SubwayLink (map) – Unlike the Light RailLink, this system is only one line with no branches. All trips operate between Owings Mills and John Hopkins Hospital. Some trips during rush hours operate from Rogers Avenue Station, as this is the main train yard for the Metro SubwayLink

MTA Maryland “Metro Subway Link” and “Light Rail Link” and Light Rail Fleet Roster

This is a combination between the Light Rail and Metro Subway fleet. The lines these are used for are noted under the make/model.

Year, Make/ModelImageFleet NumbersNotes
1983 Budd
Universal Transit Vehicle
Metro SubwayLink
1986 Budd
Universal Transit Vehicle
Metro SubwayLink
1991-1993 ABB
Light Rail Vehicle
Light RailLink
IMG_0034.JPG5001-5035Currently being rehabbed by Alstom
1996 ABB
Light Rail Vehicle
Light RailLink
IMG_0071~0.JPG5036-5053Currently being rehabbed by Alstom
(rail vehicles TBD)
Metro SubwayLink
To Be
– On delivery, piggybacked off of Miami-Dade’s order from 2017
– delivery delayed due to conflicts within Hitachi
– Will replace older Metro SubwayLink Budd Cars

Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC)

The Maryland Area Regional Commuter, or MARC, operates three rail lines through the state of Maryland, all of which serve the Washington Union Station in Washington DC. These three lines are as follows.

MARC 7761 and 8050
MARC Trains sitting at Washington Union Station
  • B – Brunswick Line, which operates on CSX owned tracks, providing service from Washington DC to Martinsburg West Virginia with a branch to Fredrick Maryland. Both branches of the Brunswick Line operate via Silver Spring Maryland. This line is operated by Bombardier Transportation Services on Behalf of the Maryland Transit Administration.
    • The Fredrick Branch also serves Monocacy, Maryland
    • The Brunswick Line (not the Fredrick Branch) serves Brunswick, Maryland, as well as Martinsburg West Virgina. It is the only MTA Maryland service to enter West Virigina.
  • C – Camden Line, which operates on CSX owned tracks, providing service from Washington DC to Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD, with stops in Greenbelt, Savage, and St. Dennis. All stops on the Camden Line, with the exception of Washington Union Station, is with within the state of Maryland. This line is operated by Bombardier Transportation Services on Behalf of the Maryland Transit Administation.
    • The Camden Line connects with WMATA Services at Washington Union Station, College Park Station, and Greenbelt Station
    • The Camden Line also connects with Central Maryland RTA services at College Park Station, Greenbelt Station, Muirkirk Station, Laurel Station, Savage Station and Dorsey Station
  • P – Penn Line which opeates on Amtrak owned tracks, providing service from Washington DC to Bowie State University, BWI Airport, Balitmore, and Perryville. All stops on the Penn Line, with the exception of Washington DC, is within the state of Maryland. This line is operated by Amtrak on behalf of the Maryland Transit Administration
    • The Penn Line connects with WMATA services at Washington Union Station
    • The Penn Line also connects with Anne Arundel Transit at Odenton Station
    • Connections with Prince George’s County “THE BUS” can be made at New Carrolton Station
    • Connections with Harford County LINK services can be made at Aberdeen Station and Perryville Station
    • Connections with Cecil Transit can be made at the Perryville Station

MARC Locomotive Fleet Roster

This is MARC’s Current fleet as of December 18th, 2021


1988-1992EMD GP40MARC 68 from MARC Fans Group70-75: GP39H-2
4145: Ex-NJT GP40PH
68: GP40WH-2
– All are used as spare engines.
Image Source
– 75 Inactive
1998Bombardier/Alstom HHP-84910-4915Refurbished in 2017-2018
2009-2011MPI MP36PH-3CMARC MP36 3010-35
2018Siemens SC-44 Charger80-86Replaced AEM-7s

MARC Passenger Car Fleet Roster

1991-1993Nippon Sharyo/Sumitomo
MARC 7761 Closeup7716-7735, 7757-7762, 7791-7799– 7757–7762 (Cab Cars)
1999-2000Kawasaki MARC IIIMARC 78487800-7834, 7845-7858, 7870-7876, 7890-7896– First Multilevel cars in service
– Labeled as “Bi-Level Coach” by MARC
– 7845-7858 (Cab Cars)
– 7826-7834 and 7855-7858 EX-VRE coaches, purchased in 2008
2014-2014Bombardier MARC IVMARC 8050 Closeup8000-8053– 8039-8053 (Cab Cars)
2015Bombardier MARC IV (speical) MARC 8050 Closeup 8054-8059
– 8054-8059 (Cab cars)
– Same as New Jersey Transit‘s Multi-levels