Saratoga County Map Released!

Guess what OMSI fans? A new US based map called Saratoga County has just been released! What is Saratoga County? Well let’s find out!

Saratoga County is a fictional county, loosely based on a combination of Tompkins County, and Buffalo, New York. Much like the map Cayuga USA, Saratoga County takes place in a fictional state. This state is called Seneca, which is based in New York.

Saratoga Routes

The routes in Saratoga County will mostly come from downtown Saratoga and operate either within Saratoga or to the outskirts. This operations style is similar to that of Tompkins TCAT. The first route introduced to the map is route 15, which operates from Saratoga Downtown to South Saratoga, with service to the Southwest Plaza. The second route that will be introduced will be the short deadhead route 17, which operates from Downtown Saratoga to the bus depot. This route will come in a future release.

Development of Saratoga County

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time such a map was thought of. Saratoga County was built off of the concept of a map known as Southside Ithaca, which was initially meant to be released in 2018. This map was canceled due to the loss of vital data needed to work on the map. This new Saratoga map uses the same roadmap (within terms of splines and junction), but with completely new scenery (mostly trees still). The first version of the map was made on a 24-hour binge, as mentioned in the discord server.

Routes and IBIS Codes

Below is a table depicting all the routes, and their respective IBIS codes. This list will be updated as new routes releases.

LineDestination First StopLast StopLineRoute
11Bus TerminalSaratoga CCSaratoga Bus Terminal 11110001
11SCCSaratoga Bus Terminal 11Saratoga CC110002
11Bus TerminalGarage DRSaratoga Bus Terminal 11110003
11GarageSaratoga Bus Terminal 11Garage DR110004
11SCCGarage DRSaratoga CC110005
11GarageSaratoga CCGarage DR110006
14DowntownChalfont UniversityDT-Geneva140001
14AlbanyDT-GenevaChalfont University140002
15DT via SouthsideSouthwest PlazaDT-Greene150001
15SW via SouthsideDT-GreeneSouthwest Plaza150002
17 (from rt 14)DowntownGarage DRDT-Geneva170001
17 (from rt 15)DowntownGarage DRDT-Greene170002
17 (from rt 14)GarageDT-GenevaGarage DR170014
17 (from rt 15)GarageDT-GreeneGarage DR170015
Saratoga USA Routes
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that file has since been removed from the map. Just redownload the latest version and you should be okay,
February 22, 2021 7:09 pm
bro @peepso_user_10(DashTransit) if you created this map BRO Props to you man 👏🏽 i absolutely love this map this gives me so many different vibes from Cleveland to new York i love it i drove the dd50G Allison New Flyer c40lf nd i love the visuals nd vibes this map gives off well done LAD
June 14, 2021 9:17 pm