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Cayuga USA v0.7.6

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Description: Cayuga USA 0.7 (Beta Release)

Cayuga USA 0.7
Version: 0.7.6 Beta, Release: April 15th 2019

This is a fictional US State that would be located between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In this map, you'll notice that most (if not all) of the routes here serve their own purpose, including (but not limited to) connecting a suburban town to the main city, or transporting the locals around their town.

Whether you want to drive a corner-to-corner urban route, a super limited BRT route, a long distance commuter express route, or even kick it into very low gear and do a park and ride shuttle, the Cayuga USA map has it all

Download here (as usual, you'll have to remember to select "load map without buses" before you load the map the first time in order for it to show up in the menu):
Download version 0.7.6 - Release April 15th 2019
Repaint pack (separate from the install package) is available here


If you are upgrading from an older version, you MUST REPLACE all the files that come with this version, including repaints, hof files, etc, else you will encounter glitches and incompatible hofs, which I will NOT be supporting

Required maps are:
Airport Map NEW
Buses of the Westcountry 2.9
Daytonford County,
Great Grundorf 2, and
DBC Chicago.

Vehicles needed for AI are (optional, as the map will still run without these):
New Flyer Powertrain Mod
New Flyer Xcelsior, NovaBus LFSA

Known issues:
-When installing this map, if you also have Liberty 0.2, the streets will become mix-matched.

[changelog]Changes since 12/15/16 release:

- Repaired DBC_Chicago_Citybus paints previously refusing to upgrade due to old .dds files being available
- corrected hof file error that made buses display "18th-Market" instead of "18th-City" on cutback trips
- updated line list file for all buses
- corrected reversed traffic light along route 203
- corrected helpers on route 203 between Downtown Greenville and Greenville Bus Depot
- optimized "low" AI lists
- Corrected hof file error that had "Welcome to Springfield" play for County Line - Greenville stops
- Fixed typo in announcement that prevented "Gravers Lane" announcement from playing

Changes since 12/21/16 Release:

- Corrected traffic lights at Front-Market to be solid instead of left turn only lights
- Created an obstacle along Market Street between 13th and 15th, for the City Hall
- Cut back routes 34 and 35 to City Hall in order to keep them on schedule
- Rebranded route 319 as "CCTA Direct"
- Added in South Cayuga Depot and made former route 17 a fully drivable route
- filled in more of Cayuga City, adding in an AI elevated train to run in the interrum
- Removed the "Cayuga City Articulated Buses" and "Cayuga City Highway Buses" AI groups from the map
- Replaced the 205 shuttle with routes 205 and 206 Darrah Breeze lines
- several cosmetic changes and repaint updates.

Changes since 4/28/17 Release:

- Fixed invisible wall at Nelson Medical Center
- Fixed lighting along city avenue
- Fixed "Entry ends after next entry begins" error on route 17 and 48
- Replaced all static DBC Chicago buses with static Flxible buses
- Replaced all static police cars with that by MTA3306
- Properly labeled the RP Transit group in the AI for the #low list, thus the 102, 203, 205, and 206 runs in low settings
- removed all payware objects from the package
- Added "David M Objects" to the package (due to it being completely removed from the web; Winsenburg is no longer a requirement)

Changes since 4/30/17 Release:

- Replaced Collins Transit Center with a more multi-modal railroad station
- Replaced all Chicago bus shelters with the more standard bus shelters
- Replaced all Chicago bus stop signs with custom signs made by Orange
- Replaced all Chicago sign poles with the GG sign poles
- Corrected LFS paints, which originally had a blurred logo on the front
- Corrected an error in the AI list, that had the Daytonford cab running in modern day, despite chrono not existing
- Corrected error in the "Metra" schedule that prevented trains from stopping at any station
- Corrected direction of helper arrow on 20th Street northbound to get onto I-90 Southbound
- Corrected error in hof files that made announcements on route 48 to Front-Market and route 61 to University City, to ultimately play out of sequence
- Removed traffic cars from train tracks in Greenville
- Removed helper arrows pointing to routes that do not yet exist (i.e. 75)
- Added overnight service to CCTA route 17
- Added route 48 to more bus stops along Market Street
- Added subway/elevated station at 20th and Venango
- Added RP Transit paints to the MCI, and NovaBus LFS
- Added Chrono Events that affect the AI and some bus routes. The MCI D4500CT and GM/NovaBus/MCI Classic are now requirements
- Added AI-railroad service to Keystone City
- Added AI group exclusively for coach buses as well as 40 foot Lakeland buses (depending on year)

Changes Since 5/4/17 release:
- Added new CCTA livery for modern AI to NFI Xcelsior (future update version), NovaBus LFS, and Orion VII NG
- Fixed error where MCI coaches show up white on the 102 instead of the RPT buses
- Fixed randomly lagging/disappearing tile error with all 0.5/0.6 branches of the map
- Fixed error in chono where the 206, 301, and 319 lines would operate in eras where they should not.

Changes Since 6/4/17 release:
- Updated to version 0.7.0

New update!

Changes since 11/4/2018 release:
- Fixed issues with collisions along south 20th Street
- modified terrain to use the same ground and street textures as the roads
- fixed route 14 scheduling errors
- fixed road map
- dramatically increased service along route 17
- added scenery along Wyoming Avenue, and other active parts of the map
- fixed the infamous "ring" by the City Line exit on I-90 South

Changes since 11/11/2018 release:
- Added route 54 and 75 to list of drivable routes
- Extended routes 301 and 319 to Wayne Junction
- Removed references to route 34 and 35 along Market St.
- Corrected Helpers along Cicero
- Removed routes 3 and 20
- Scenery placement updates

Changes since 12/25/18 release
  • Corrects the remaining "147" stops along Buselton Avenue
  • Removes requirements for "the missing "50m Terrain Spline" and Ashleytales junction
  • Added "BMO Objects" to the install package
  • Corrected traffic lights and "parked cars" along Market Street

  • Extends Subway service to "South Depot" (with no additional stops as of yet, due to potential re-routing)
  • Added new route 20 to line-up, (tacked onto the route 70 timetable)
  • Adds "DBC" Cars and articulated buses to AI list, regardless of settings
  • Added a "last situation" so that "Load Map without buses" is not required to find the map in the menu"

Changes since 1/2/19 release:
  • Added traffic lights along Buselton Avenue
  • Added Announcements along Wyoming Avenue

  • Adjusted scenery along Buselton between 5th Avenue and Woodlawn
  • Removed route 3 signs along Buselton
  • Corrected .hof files to correctly display route 75 to Wayne Junction or Arrott TC.
  • Re-did ALL exterior announcements so that they're more consistent volume-wise.
  • Fixed TTData files so that route 54 is drivable on a schedule.

Changes since 1/7/19 release:
  • Added scenery along Route 173 and Buselton Avenue
  • Added stops along route Route 173 in South Lakeland
  • Added new routes 31 (by MattOnBoardBus2100) and 49 (effectively eliminating route 62)

  • Removed route 147 stops at Fern Rock, and North Buselton Avenue
  • Removed route 62 (in favor of route 49)
  • Removed extra route 3 helpers along City Ave (route 3 was removed in an earlier version)
  • Removed extra helpers for route 62 along Market Street
  • Corrected .hof files to play announcements on route 75 (The right way)
  • Fixed route 12 exterior announcements incorrectly calling out the wrong directions.
  • Corrected issue in .hof files for "Churakrueger" buses where the display signs incorrectly displayed "Central Direct to Wayne Junction," effectively causing passengers to refuse boarding

Changes since 2/25/19 release:
  • Extended route 49 to the International Airport
  • Created route 46 along 60th Street in West Cayuga City
  • Created routes 801 and 803 in the Cayuga International Airport

  • Added traffic lights along 21st Street north of Market
  • Added traffic light to 20th and Industrial Highway
  • Added helper to route 49 towards 19th-Dauphin at 20th and Thompson
  • Several .hof file issues cleaned up

For full changelog, support, comments, and concerns, feel free to click here for the Support Thread.
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Posted by: Dash5155 December 15, 2016, 10:34:33 am

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April 19, 2019, 06:41:41 am
It's better if you comment on the support thread. But make sure you download and install ALL the required maps.

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April 16, 2019, 04:46:22 pm
playing cayuga usa and certain routes such as 14,46,19 an occasionally the 124-125 the map cuts off during halfway I have everything needed for this map. any assistance would be great here is my log file


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