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I need help my bus dosnt have sound29 viewsI downloaded this bus off of a video that vegas made and i put the files in and now the bus has no sound and the others do.1 commentsElder Guerrero06/30/19 at 02:21Dash5155: It's bugged. That's why I personally don...
Gillig brakes113 views1 commentsibreem1603/28/19 at 14:49vincekaufman: You can't upload sounds onto a PHOTO gallery....
It's called "Leap" for a reason...(3)271 viewsWhen you're about to cross an Overpass and are thankful that you were a Minute late...2 commentsANIME-AND-BUSES03/20/19 at 19:52dedog:
n31 lfsa cng mod133 views1 commentsDevon Myles Swaby03/04/19 at 10:00Dash5155: What an *ahem* nice bus.... I'm not even sorr...
101 views1 commentsThatguy107/21/18 at 23:00Jonathan the great: Nice! Looks like from GTA 5
17th and Market116 views1 commentsDash515507/21/18 at 22:54Jonathan the great: Looks good Dash!
137 views2 commentsJonathan the great07/21/18 at 21:42Jonathan the great: Gladbeck. You can get it on steam for $24.99 You c...
137 views2 commentsJonathan the great06/01/18 at 10:46Donovan R.: What map is this?
stuck in traffic321 views1 commentsdedog05/26/18 at 12:24lildope: how do you get omsi 2
MTA3306 we have a problem107 views1 commentsJonathan the great05/03/18 at 15:50ANIME-AND-BUSES: I don't think he's on VTC anymore...
CCTA Route 34 Orion VII NG CNG227 views1 commentsDash515504/21/18 at 00:46ANIME-AND-BUSES: I wanna drive the CNG model!
See ya! Going to space196 views1 commentsJonathan the great03/28/18 at 11:59ANIME-AND-BUSES: Good luck in space!
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