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OMSI/OMSI 2This category is dedicated to all things OMSI and OMSI 2. This includes screenshots, schematics, and so on.
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Cayuga USAThis is a fictional US State made for OMSI 2 that would be located between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In this map, you'll notice that most (if not all) of the routes here serve their own purpose, including (but not limited to) connecting a suburban town to the main city, or transporting the locals around their town.
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GrundelphiaGrundelphia is a fictional city based on Philadelphia, PA. To the north, lies Water Harbor (Jersey City) and Sanyo County.
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Liberty MapIf you guys played or heard of Grand Theft Auto IV, you'd know that Liberty City is a fictional city based on New York City. This map is basically following that trend, but is simply called "Liberty"
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MiscellaneousContent that cannot be sorted into individual albums.
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Real World TransportationPhotos of Real World Transportation Operations
United StatesThis album is for operations in the United States.
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CanadaThis album is for operations in Canada
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User galleriesThis category contains albums that belong to Virtual Transportation Center Users.
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