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Welcome to June 2k17!

Started by Dash5155, May 31, 2017, 09:17:49 pm

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Welcome to June 2017!
Photo of the Month:

"CCTA Direct DE60LF and a KTA D40LF @ 22nd St."
by ItsYeBoi

From now on, pictures will be randomly selected from the Gallery to become photo of the month! For now, thanks for posting on the site!

Congratulations to the following users for being the highest contributors to this site (post count wise).

Dash5155 with 242 overall posts
Munce with 154 overall posts
Dedog with 112 overall posts
Miller with 101 overall posts
Anime and Buses with 86 overall posts

Keep up the good work everyone and hopefully June is even better in terms of content, posts and updates!

Last little tidbit: Munce gave us a Discord server! Check it out here for chat and whatnot with other VTC members (separate from the actual VTC server for obvious reasons).


I'm aware that June 2017 isn't for 3-5 hours for most people, but it's June in Europe sooo yeah.


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