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Website Overhaul Coming!

Started by Dash5155, October 10, 2019, 12:53:36 pm

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So as a heads up, sometime in Q1 2020 the site ( will go down for about a week or two for a massive overhaul. Only the multimedia gallery will remain unaffected by this, but you will be unable to log in. Exact dates will come closer to the holidays, but as of right now it's looking like January.

The things that will change so far is the following:
  • Instead of the forum, the home page will be a homegrown homepage consisting of content from this group, a custom twitter feed, and youtube content
  • A content management system will be implemented which will allow for new IRL transit rosters to be added to the site.
  • The downloads page will be separated from the forums, and be better organized within. All the mods and similar content on the current downloads page will be moved to the new.
  • The "upload a download" functionality will not be ported over. Instead, downloads will come from a list of supporting posts in the forums/community.
  • The forums will be completely overhauled to feature a community-based setup instead of the category-based setup. This way when you first come onto the forum, you will see the most recent posts first instead of a list of categories, and the ability to add new topics will be added to the forum home page.
There will be more coming, but these are the only things set in stone. Again when the time comes, I will update on an actual date on this overhaul process.

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