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IRL Transit Focus Shift

Started by Dash5155, May 13, 2019, 06:17:17 pm

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As you all may know, with LOTUS coming in the near future, and a dying interest in new OMSI content, this site is slowly but surely re-configuring itself to focus more on IRL transit. With that being said there's one big change coming in June and that will be the introduction of IRL bus rosters/pages to the site. Believe it or not this has a lot to do with us now.

So what can you do? Well if you are a transit enthusiast and you want your local agency represented on this site, provide as much information on it as you can (and if you took any photos, feel free to add them to the multimedia galley) and we will add them.

Only two rules apply here:

1. Since I know what information CPTDB wiki, and Wikipedia, and most other people do as well, you CANNOT (and I can't stress this enough) simply provide us with a wiki article. Remember this site is all about the personal touch. We will look at the wiki's for fleet rosters and whatnot, but anything else you want to provide like what key points there are to access the system (like Transit Centers and whatnot), and photos taken by yourself (and even things the wiki's got wrong fleet roster/fare structure-wise) that's what we're looking for.

2. North American only. Since we cannot really promise much in terms of expansion on currently

Stay tuned for more updates coming in June...

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