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April 2019 Photo of the month submission's thread

Started by Dash5155, March 20, 2019, 03:17:01 pm

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So this is something new we're trying out, basically you submit pictures to this thread and whichever post gets the most likes will be the photo of the month for April 2019. This month's theme is just IRL equipment, be it bus, train, trolley, trackless trolley, and... that's it.

  • Your image MUST be in the photo gallery (the image BBCode is at the bottom of each picture on the 'intermediate' image view).
  • One image per post, two posts per member
  • We're going real world pictures this month so only real stuff.

Happy posting. Since the rules are somewhat simple, submissions will be done at March 30th, and the winner will be whoever has the most likes on April 1st.




That watermark is certified PITA material, but I'm uploading anyways:


Submissions closed, vote by liking the post containing the picture you wish to win!


No votes, no winners. The current image will stay up on the home page until May.


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