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custom repaint request

Started by the broke down bus, August 31, 2019, 03:28:03 pm

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the broke down bus

So I am taking request for custom repaints absolutely free I cannot promise to be able to do all repaints but I will try my best. Here is some sample work of a repaint for COTA  (Columbus, Ohio)



Do You Think You Could Make A Repaint For CCTA (Dash5155 - Cayuga City Transportation Authority) For The Tatra KT4Dtm Tram Car?

Jonathan the great

Can you make the Cayuga repaint pack for the Mercedes Benz Citaro (both 12m and 18m) The mercedes benz citaro
MAN Citybus Series, The Volvo 7900, Metropole Ruhr Solaris, The Hamburg City buses and the Man Doube Decker from Berlin X10?

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