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Battle? What's That!

Started by Dash5155, August 29, 2019, 08:05:43 pm

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Battle is a simple forum based game that lets users fight Crazy Whackjobs or each other in a 1-click battle around a fictional Cayuga City. Crazy Whackjobs are created by the administrator and battle results are determined by the user's skill points pitted against the Crazy Whackjobs skill points.

How to play
For starters, you probably want to explore to get a jump on everything.
Exploring is simple, just click on a tile for something random, you might encounter a monster, or get another explore action. Sometimes you may even encounter Cayuga City Locals, who offer you a wager. You never know.

After exploring,gaining levels and accumulating stat points to upgrade, you can then do much more such as Quests/Campaigns and battling other Members!
Points are awarded for defeating members and Crazy Whackjobs, whereas more will be awarded for stronger opponents.

Why is it called Battle?
Well its a mod, the mod already had the name battle in it lol. That's pretty much it.

It mentions quests. How do I go on quests?
Well quests aren't available yet as it's still new. I'm still adding in random encounters to the exploration as well, so for those of you that have ideas for what you'd want added comment below!

So what happens when I do good?
You get an extreme case of bragging rights - People who do well in battle will have their name displayed in leaderboards and the like. Also the last actions performed by members will be displayed, such as killing crazed whackjobs and defeating other players. Just go nuts here.

If you're interested in this little game, head on over to the "Battle" tab (note you MUST have a forum account to do this). Top players will be awarded 10,000 gold each week.

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