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SEPTA New Flyer Xcelsior/Proterra Catalyst Delivery Status

Started by Dash5155, May 31, 2019, 11:51:01 pm

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This thread is to keep track of all the New Flyer Xcelsiors and Proterra Catalyst Buses arriving on SEPTA's property. To clarify, this list is to show where each bus was delivered to. An active assignment list will be added when the site is redone.
Last Updated: June 29th, 2019

New Flyer Xcelsior XDE40
Numbers: 3000-3524 (contirmed)
3000-3294 delivered as of November 7th 2019

3000 - Callowhill Depot

New Flyer Xcelsior:
3001-3059 - Callowhil Depot
3060-3084 - Victory Depot
3085-3101 - Southern Depot

3102-3119 - Southern Depot
3120-3169 - Frankford Depot
3170-3194 - Comly Depot
3195-3204 - Frontier Depot

3205-3224 - Frontier Depot
3225-3254 - Midvale Depot
3255-3274 - Victory Depot
3275-3294 - Frankford Depot
3295 3299-3300 - Midvale Depot

New Flyer Xcelsior Charge XE40
Numbers: TBD
None delivered as of September 16th 2019

Proterra Catalyst E2 BE40
Numbers: 900-924 (contirmed)
900-924 delivered as of June 3rd 2019,
Order complete

900-901 - Southern Depot

902-909, 913-920 - Southern Depot

910, 911, 921 - Southern Depot
922, 923 - Delivered as of May 31st 2019
924 - Delivered as of June 13th 2019

This thread will be regularly updated as things change.


3250-3252 wemt into service at Midvale Depot
3256, 3258 and 3260 went into service at Victory Depot.

Jonathan the great

Is SEPTA going electric? Because We Got XE40s and XE60s at the South Base depot


Quote from: Jonathan the great on June 03, 2019, 04:13:27 pmIs SEPTA going electric? Because We Got XE40s and XE60s at the South Base depot
That's the plan if the current electrics work out. But it would take a while. The sad thing is either way the fleet will be 95% hybrid once the XDE40 fleet order is through.

Jonathan the great


The Proterras operate on routes 29 and 79

There's only supposed to be 25 of them, which is enough to cover the load line on both routes during the rush with a few spares.


As of today, the Proterra Catalyst order is hereby completed! 924 was just delivered, and now 922-924 eagerly await assignment.

Jonathan the great


Quote from: Jonathan the great on June 13, 2019, 08:21:31 pmWill SEPTA will be getting XT40s or not
Who said they were?

Anyway a bunch were delivered since the last time I updated this. Mostly from 3262-3268, and a rouge 3274 arrived.


3275 is assigned to Frankford. This is the beginning of the end for the remaining 2003 D40LFs at Frankford Depot.


As of today, all buses 3000-3294 have been delivered. The next batch of Xcelsiors will be the 2020 buses, and supposedly are due to start coming in by the end of next month.


So apparently 3295 arrived earlier than expected, meaning there may be an early departure for the remaining 56xx buses.

to recap:

  • 3000-3295 or 296 buses have arrived to SEPTA.
  • 295 Older D40LF/DE40LF buses were retired from service which are covered in great detail here
  • The first batch of the 2020 fleet aka the fleet currently arriving will be assigned to Midvale Depot


We are now up to 3300 as the most recent round of Xcelsiors has arrived and been delivered to Midvale bus depot. 225 left to be delivered. We're well past the halfway point now.

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