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SEPTA New Flyer D40LF/DE40LF Retirement listing

Started by Dash5155, May 29, 2019, 06:50:04 pm

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Jonathan the great

SEPTA's D40LFs with the Detroit Diesel engines do not deserve to get replace. F thoese Xcelsior


5616, 5635, 5642, 5656, 5667, 5692, 5762, and 5769 were recently put to rest.

Sadly this marks the beginning of the end of the 2004 buses now, however they weren't actually seen at the scrap yard so it's possible the 57xx were simply put on light duty.


5632, 5636, and 5661 all retired. I seen these buses with my own eyes. For those that follow the TrAcSe videos, I will actually be showing two of these buses on Tuesday's video with their fareboxes removed.

According to the group, 5618, 5641, and 5664 were also retired. This I did not see, but wow. I am going to try my best to get as many rides on the 2003 batch as possible now because their days are VERY limited.

To give you an idea as to what's left of the 2003 batch, that's:

5613, 5623, 5630, 5637, 5640, 5645-5646, 5663, 5668, 5678, 5679, 5682-5684. 5689. 5691, 5695-5697, 5699, 5703, 5708-5711

or 24 buses out of the original fleet of 100.

Soon this sound will be a thing of the past:


5617, 5638, and 5766 are the latest additions to the sadness pie. Apparently the 2004 buses are going as well. Yikes.


IF only SEPTA kept at least a few of these around :( I have nothing against the Xcelsiors but damn.. I grew up around SEPTA buses like the NABIs, Neoplans, El Dorados and obviously the D40LFs and now it's like my childhood buses are all going away. We already lost the NABIs, Neoplans and El Dorados as is :'(

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