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UpLift Signage Pack

Started by UpLift_Vancouver, February 11, 2018, 11:01:18 PM

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UpLift Signage Pack
This pack of signs is currently in development. This pack includes the following:
  • Assorted Yellow Diamond warning signs
  • Speed limit signs included are in increments of 5mph for speeds from 5mph to 80mph & in increments of 10 for km/h from 10km/h up to 100km/h. These signs are meant to be raised to any height & mounted on existing poles.
  • Road regulation signs, such as parking restrictions & road use restrictions, which also include attachable tabs for some of these.

Simply extract to the main OMSI 2 folder & begin placing on your maps like any other object.

A new texturing technique called [matl_freetex] is being employed on all sign models from now on. Devs are encouraged to switch to the new format if they're using previously released signs.
To change textures on a sign that uses the new format: select the sign, then click on the "label..." button to bring up the label dialogue box. Then enter your desired texture filename [(insertnamehere).png] from the model's associated texture folder into the line marked as sign image.

02/11/2018: first release - added speed limit signs in mph & km/h.
02/19/2018: Updated Canadian speed limit signs to British Columbia specfication using Helvetica font instead of Highway Gothic.
11/19/2019: Added assorted Yellow Diamond warning signs, Clearview font for use on 2 included variable height signs
11/20/2019: Fixed minor formatting issue with variable Metric height clearance warning sign, added variable overpass clearance signs
07/30/2020: Added a whole host of new signs & a new texturing technique that uses fewer model files. Devs using my signs are encouraged to transition their speed limit & yellow diamond road hazard signs to the new format.;sa=view;down=55


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I just put up an update that replaces the textures of the Canadian speed limit signs with more realistic ones using the proper font (Helvetica as per British Columbia traffic sign standards).


I haven't released anything for this pack in a long time, so today, I have released a new update that adds an assortment of yellow diamond warning signs to the pack.


Minor update uploaded, this one fixes a minor bug with the variable Metric height clearance warning sign and adds variable overhead overpass clearance signs to place on the overpasses themselves.


Major update: a whole host of new signs have been released. See the first post for more information.

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