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Vehicle Modifications / NFI powertrain mod additions
December 02, 2019, 12:34:51 pm
We all used the same 21 NFI powertrains for OMSI 2, and need new ones!
It's available

Fortunately, I created (and even more fortunate: copied) brand new powertrains for the D40LF, DE60LF and D60LF

DDS50EGR/Allison (loud af!)

Cat C9/Allison (KCM/ST spec)
Cat C9/ZF (NJT spec)
DDS50EGR/Allison (old OC Transpo Spec)
ISM/ZF (Golden Gate Transit Spec)
ISM/Allison (Miway D60LFR specs)
ISL/Allison (new OC Transpo spec)

D40LF: ISC (Champagne-Urbana Mass Transit District spec)
D40LF: 6V92TA/ZF
DE60LF: Cat C9/H50EP
General Support / Destination sign colors
December 02, 2019, 11:49:54 am
Ok! I went to Nashville!

Is there a Way to have 2 colors on a destination sign? Like red and green? Or purple and white?
Welcome to World Class Bus Lines, a OMSI 2 Virtual Bus Company. We dedicate our value to help out everyone. Founded from a old VTC with $789 million in assets, we used the money to good usage

We serve most of the world with frequent and clean service.

Our roster varies:
In North America we have (Imcomplete):
707 NovaBus LFS models in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations

1,209 New Flyer D40LFs

208 New Flyer DE60LFs

200 New Flyer DE40LFs

100 New Flyer C40LFs

For Great Britain(imcomplete):

206 London Citybus C400R Ecolife buses

410 MAN Lions City RHD

310 Mercedes-Benz Citaro Facelifted RHD

For mainland Europe(80% complete):

The Original Van Hool AGG300 Demo

206 Van Hool AG300 diesel

206 Van Hool AG300 CNG

70 vehicles of the MAN SD200 series

70 vehicles of the MAN SD202 series

40 MAN NL202

31 MAN NG272

12 Mercedes-Benz O305

52 Mercedes-Benz 0405

And many more
So about 2 Months ago 5 MARTA D40LFs were put up for auction. So they're retired

Here's all the buses retired:

2307: retired September 2018
2308, 2309, 2332, 2341: Retired August 2019

2367, 2378, 2384, 2392, 2399, 2407: Retired August 2019

2401: Retired May 13th, 2015. Struck by a CSX train.

General Discussion / Anthony’s unofficial OMSI Roadeo
September 05, 2019, 10:00:46 am
What's up everyone! So today I decided to host the unofficial 2019 OMSI bus Roadeo.

This came up as a idea since Dash possibly won't do one. So I am.

Alright: imma lay down some rules:
No NFI LF buses (the sign boxes don't like most hof files)
No double decker buses
No more than one submission.
That's it!

RHD buses are acceptable, since I drive them. (The gen 3 pack dlc is prohibited)

Map: Grundorf
Weather: rain

It will be hosted around late November/early December.

Good luck to you all! Especially Dash and NASCAR!
General Discussion / Custom AI lists
August 26, 2019, 07:55:39 pm
This is a hobby I do so I decided to bring it here for you

I do custom AI lists for:
Cayuga USA 0.7.6
And Cayuga Midwest 0.1 (soon)

I can use:
The DBC buses
the NFI powertrain mod
Gillig LF
Novabus LFS and LFSA
GM/MCI/Novabus Classic
Orion V
Flxible Metro Series
NFI Xcelsior

What I can't use:
The Gillig Phantom (Not owned anymore atm)

What I can do on request, or if given me a model:
Gillig Advantage CNG
Other Xcelsior models
MB O305

What I will use in the future:
The NFI HF series (will skin)
The NABI 416.09 and 436.09 (both wip)
The MB O305G
The MAN Lions City family
The Solaris Urbino family
The MAN DN95

Buses that will be available (with skins):
The older Hamburg/3 gen buses
The MB O405/O405G
General Support / How do i work setvars
August 24, 2019, 06:26:01 pm
OK.....................................................My first time playing around with maps and ai lists is still going on, but I want to know how to work the setvars for a bus.

Why? I was on ANOTHER OMSI 2 forum called for the development of Bowdenham RHD
(for those who don't know: Bowdenham is a OLD map. Like older than Grundelphia. I have a copy with modified chrono ai)

General Discussion / OMSI 2 sounds
August 22, 2019, 09:13:37 pm all I know how to modify is AI lists and passengers on maps.

So my question is: is Audacity a good choice for sounds?

General Discussion / Cayuga USA AI lists
July 29, 2019, 10:43:44 am
Hey everyone! I'm doing custom ai lists for Cayuga USA.

The following buses I have can be used:
The DBC buses
The powertrain mod buses
Gillig Advantage
Novabus LFS, LFSA, RTS
MAN NL202, NG272, and SD77

More to come
General Support / how do o dp chronos?
June 08, 2019, 03:17:21 pm
If anyone remembered Cayuga v0.6, there was about 10 chronos and they were all awesome! Now with the next version of Cayuga coming faster that a freight train with brake failure, I want to do chronos.

The idea came to me from a map called Bowdenham. And in it there's a lot of chronos. In fact, there's two separate maps for the chronos.

But i want to know how do i do my own chronos because I want to my own and relive a history of Cayuga i created myself. (almost)
So......working in Hapeville means 3 things: I'm near public transit, I'm near a freight line, and I'm close to Hartsfield-Jackson International

Usually in the early morning, I might see MARTA route 95 and all the Gilligs. I think it was either Monday or Thursday, but a rare occasion is a XN40 rolling by.

Ah....the NS! Pride of GA, and perfect to railfan :p. So I snagged 6 pics and a clip of NS hybrid Diesels. Don't ask me what models they are.
Dash did a wonderful job with Cayuga USA 0.7.6! Perfect map! But it feels a little....dull

These are some ideas for routes:

-Bring back Route 30, the crosstown route, in a modified format: from 30th street station to Arrot Transit
-NEW routes: School routes. This came from a map called Bowdenham V4, and the idea seem awesome! Kids and teachers going to Barnes tech (CCTA), Darradale CC (Lakeland) and Greenville High School (GREAT)

-Actual depot runs from Greenville Depot.

-220: a express route from Collins to Springfield Mall

Make route 20 and route 50 actual routes:
-20 from Arrot to Rogers Park
-50, the KTA Rapid, from Collins Transit Center to Rogers Park via Springfield Mall, Arrot, and Wayne Junction
Off Topic / OBS problems when recording OMSI 2
April 20, 2019, 09:46:51 pm
OK..............if anyone used, or uses, OBS, has there been a problem where the video would upload to YouTube but it would only be a 10 second sound clip or even a game with low frames? Or when it livestreams to YouTube but it buffers and lags?

I tried various YouTube videos to try and fix it, but it never works. I can't solve the problem.

What's up, everyone!

Now contrary to the name: this is not a question, but a tutorial.

This is a quick tutorial on setting up the roll-band scrollbars for the:
  • MAN SD200
  • the Vanhool roll band buses
  • the MB O305 and O305G
  • and many more

Step 1:
Go into your options and go to Keyboard then scroll down till you see pgup and pgdn

step 2:
Once you reached those: click Type.

Optional/Step 3:
You can set it to be any hotkey, but my roll-band scrollbar settings are Num1, Num2, num3,and num5
General Support / multi-color fonts
April 03, 2019, 10:38:05 pm
So.............if anyone has been to Nashville, TN, and you see all the Gillig LFs with red and green fonts?

I actually want to know if it is possible to display more than one color font. Like red for the numbers: i.e 7or 132and Green for the destination: i.e. Seattle, or Jackson Park Express to 79th and South Shore..

sorry if I cannot provide a picture.
Just recently I was in the Gillig Low Floor (or Advantage) hybrid and the annoucement sytem played in reverse.

Ex.: 75 to Wayne Junction: the annoucement said "City Line and Wayne." instead of "Arrot Street."

Is that a problem?
General Support / How to lay down splines
December 30, 2018, 02:50:25 pm
So............I started building my map, but I came across a problem: I don't know how to lay down splines. Can someone help me?
Add-On Maps / Where can I find this map???
December 18, 2018, 09:11:13 pm
Sooooooo.....I know AussieX is dead, and may never return :'(

If it does: I want to find this map:
I know the map is as old as daytonford county (and maybe they're both sh*t) but I saw a few videos on YouTube about the map and I thought to myself: "I wish i have this map." So I thought the best place to go was HERE!
General Support / How to create powertrains.
December 08, 2018, 12:28:16 pm
Hello. I am new to modding. And one of the problems is I don't know how to create powertrains. I just need a tutorial or something simple, not someone to do the work for me
Work in Progress Vehicles / New D60LF powertrains
October 26, 2018, 11:34:52 pm
I dunno if this is the right forum to talk about new powertrains....

Let's not get into detail and cut to the chase: I'm doing this "mini" project to bring in new powertrains to the NFI D60LF.


i don't mean to yell, but I have problems with people....

ok, back on topic.........:p

I want to do the following Powertrains (more will be added a little later, once i can handle creating the damn things):

p.s. these are all D60LF:

DD50EGR and B500R or ZF ecomat
ISL and B500R
ISM and B500R or Ecomat
Caterpillar C9 and B500R

if anyone is willing to teach me how to create powertrains, i will give the tutor a NJT-spec D60LF: C9 and ZF Ecomat
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