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R-160 Mod for Grand theft Auto IV/Episodes from Liberty City

Started by Dash5155, March 11, 2019, 03:26:22 pm

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MTA R-160 Subway Train Mod for GTA IV
By Sonder of

I'm not the creator of this mod by any means, but I'm posting it here because it is an amazing mod that replaces the default trains with R160s... and as you can see in the video it fits PERFECTLY.

Download Link:

Again, I want to heavily emphasize that I did not create this mod, I'm merely promoting it. I searched several years for such a mod and not once did it come up on google. Turns out it was right under our noses for about 1 and a half years now. Enjoy!


[attach width=800 name=2019-03-11+(6).png type=image/png]1817[/attach]
[attach width=800 name=2019-03-11+(8).png type=image/png]1819[/attach]
[attach width=800 name=2019-03-11+(15).png type=image/png]1821[/attach]

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