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Improved Los Santos (Grand Theft Auto 5)

Started by dedog, January 28, 2018, 04:11:48 pm

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mproved Los Santos is a Map mod it add missing features and better realistic features
it adds for example ( missing traffic lights/poles . missing & improved signs , street cameras/traffic cameras & building cameras , radio/mobile towers , more/realistic bus stops , more buildings , & lots more!) Im hoping to have the 1st alpha/beta release around early/mid summer 2018any help would be appreciatedto help on this project please email me at & tell me what you good at modding on gta 5if you have already made a map mod for Grand theft auto 5 and want it to be apart of this project please put a link below to the modill be adding pictures of this mod around 20 of Februaryfor more info on other game projects im working on please email me
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