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Transit Pics Thread

Started by Elijah's Transit, March 14, 2017, 02:19:43 pm

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Elijah's Transit

Due to a Blizzard today, my regular artic routes are using 40ft buses.

Elijah's Transit


Hello everyone,

Yesterday was SEPTA's bus and maintenance roadeo. Of course myself, like most fans, went there to see the display buses. Here's some pictures. ENJOY!!

an Ex-MTA NYC NovaBus RTS #4901, Preserved by Trolley Museum of New York

Brand NEW 2019 NJ Transit MCI D4500CT #19150

SEPTA 2016 New Flyer MD30 in LUCY colors

another 2016 New Flyer MD30

One of SEPTA's Newest Buses, the 2016 New Flyer XDE40, on display

Towards the end, they lined up all the vintage buses for a photo shoot

Oh and a Photo of the two largest state-wide agencys side by side with their newest MCI Coaches



Here's a full video showing the event. Enjoy!

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