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Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit Fleet

Started by Dash5155, July 23, 2019, 02:08:53 pm

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This thread is for following the Tompkins TCAT fleet with all minor changes and updates. The roster in this thread may not always be accurate but it's pretty close most of the time.

Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (or Tompkins TCAT) is a private, non-profit public transportation operator, created by Cornell University, Tompkins County, and the City of Ithaca and operates bus service in Ithaca, NY to Ithaca Mall, Ithaca Commons, Cornell University, and many other destinations across the region.

Thirty-six bus routes comprise the TCAT system. Routes are identified by number and are usually indicated on a marquee at the front of the bus, and sometimes on the side as well. TCAT's main hub is Green Street Station, near Ithaca Commons, a two-block pedestrian mall in downtown Ithaca. Most non-South Hill routes run through the Cornell University campus as; East Avenue near Tower Road is considered a secondary hub.

  • Route 10 Cornell - Commons Shuttle
  • Route 11 Ithaca College - Commons
  • Route 11N Night Service - Ithaca College - Commons - Collegetown
  • Route 11S Ithaca College - Commons Southside Shopping
  • Route 13 Commons - Fall Creek - Mall
  • Route 14 Cayuga Medical Center - West Hill - Commons
  • Route 14S West Hill - Shopping
  • Route 15 Southside Shopping - Commons
  • Route 17 TCAT - Fall Creek - Commons
  • Route 20 Enfield - Commons
  • Route 21 Trumansburg - Jacksonville - Commons - Cornell
  • Route 22 Summer Special - Taughannock Falls, Cass Park, Stweart Park, Buttermilk Falls - Commons
  • Route 30 Shops at Ithaca Mall - Cornell - Commons
  • Route 31 Convenient Care - Cornell - Commons
  • Route 32 Airport - Cornell - Commons
  • Route 36 South Lansing - Cornell - Commons
  • Route 37 North Lansing - Cornell - Commons
  • Route 40 Groton - Cornell - Commons
  • Route 41 Demand and Response (DAR) Service: Etna - Cornell
  • Route 43 Groton - Freeville - Dryden - Cornell - Commons
  • Route 51 Eastern Heights - Cornell - Commons
  • Route 52 Caroline - Brookktondale - Cornell - Commons
  • Route 53 Brooktondale - Varna - Cornell - Commons
  • Route 65 Danby - Commons
  • Route 67 Newfield - Commons - Cornell
  • Route 70 The Shops at Ithaca Mall - Cornell - Commons (Weekend Service)
  • Route 72 Airport - Cornell - Commons (Weekend Service)
  • Route 74 Groton - The Shops at Ithaca Mall (Weekend Service)
  • Route 75 Dryden - The Shops at Ithaca Mall - Commons (Weekend Service)
  • Route 77 Mall - Warren Road (Weekend Service)
  • Route 81 A Lot to B Lot via Central Campus
  • Route 82 Hasbrouck to East Hill Plaza via Central Campus
  • Route 83 North Campus to West Campus via Central Campus (No Summer Service)
  • Route 90 Commons to North Campus via C-Town and Central Campus
  • Route 92 North Campus, West Campus, Central and Vet, C-Town and East Hill Plaza
  • Route 93 North Campus, West Campus, Central, C-Town, East Hill Plaza, Snyder Hill Rd. and Slaterville Rd. via Honess Lane

Bus Fleet
The bus fleet compiles 54 buses mostly 40 feet long, with two cutaway buses and one 29 foot bus. This is roster as of September 13th, 2019. Except for the second hand 2005 models, the first two digits of the fleet number represents the last two digits of the year the vehicle was built. In the case of buses built between 2000 and 2009, only the first digit represents the year it was built. For example, 601 would be built in 2006, and 901 would be built in 2009. Following this, it's clear that 1101 would be a 2011 model.

For corrections and updates on the fleet, comment below

2002 Gillig Low Floor 29 Foot

Cummins ISC/Allison B300R-5

2005 New Flyer D40LF
Former CENTRO Bus,
Cummins ISL/Voith D864.3E

2501, 2517*

2005 Gillig Low Floor
EX-CAT Harrisburg
Cummins ISL/Allison B400R-5


2006-2011 Gillig Low Floor

Cummins ISL/Allison B400R-5
601-608, 901-904, 1104-1106, 1108, 1109, 1118

2006-2011 Gillig Low Floor Hybrid

Cummins ISB/Allison Ep40
613-615, 701-703, 1102, 1103*

2011 Orion VII 3rd Generation

Cummins ISL/Allison B400R-5

2014 Chevrolet/Arboc Cutaway

2010 Chevrolet C5500 Chassis
1402, 1403*

2015-2016 Gillig Low Floor

Cummins ISL/Allison B400R6
1501, 1502, 1601-1605

2018 Gillig Low Floor

Cummins L9/Allison B400R6

2019 New Flyer Xcelsior

Cummins L9/Allison B400R6
1901, 1904, 1906**

2019 Freightliner/Champion Defender

35 foot Champion Defender Body

*615, 1115, 2517, an un-numbered ex-RTS Gillig Low Floor, and an un-numbered ex-Centro D40LF all sit inactive at the Garage, awaiting parts/retirement.
**The 2019 New Flyer Xcelsior bus deliveries are still underway

The Lycanroc Gamer


Quote from: The Lycanroc Gamer on July 26, 2019, 10:03:11 pmHey Dash, aren't you from Ithaca?
Technically no I'm from elsewhere, But I visit family up in Ithaca once or twice a year. This was actually the first time that I decided to go all out with picture and video (since all things considered, I would be the first)


So according to everything TCAT's post on Facebook, 1906 has recently arrived along with another Xcelsior. These are the first buses since the Orion I fleet to have rear windows.

Also apparently there's cutaways 1910-1912 on the property. They aren't all the same model but they wear full TCAT colors. These may be replacing other cutaway but I'm unsure since 1403 was still running as of today.

I don't have any picture to show but this may mean RIP to some older buses soon.


So apparently, the new cutaway buses are Freightliner/Champion Defender 35 foot Cutaways. Here's TCAT's article on these new buses:

Read More


1901 and 1906 have entered service! Wowza!

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