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Transit Pics Thread

Started by Elijah's Transit, February 23, 2017, 08:25:51 pm

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Justin Rombough

Winnipeg Transit #849 2015 New Flyer Xcelsior

Jonathan the great

The Xcelsior returns!



Now that the Gallery is back up, I am back to uploading my pictures the Gallery. Here's my transits:

SEPTA Proterra Catalyst BE40 #901 on display at SEPTA HQ 1234 Market Street

SEPTA Route 49 at 33rd and Market

And... random boring everyday stuff.

Oh and for you OMSI people, SEPTA route 31

and SEPTA route 46


So SEPTA's Proterra Catalyst BE40's finally entered service on route 79. Here we have shots of #902 and #903


Today, SEPTA's Proterra Catalyst E2 BE40 Buses made their way over to the 29. I have a video coming soon with some fly-bys of these guys. The pictures of 900 and 902 are here for now though!

Justin Rombough

Winnipeg Transit #905 seen here on February 20th
Camera: iPhone XR


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