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So my map currently has an issue where it says that an object from X10 is required in order to run the map, yet I'm pretty sure I didn't put any X10 objects in my map. I figured I must have accidentally put it somewhere in my map and now I can't find it, is there a way how to locate it
Hello all!

So I grew up with this bus ever since I was born (primarly the AN460), and I thought why not make the bus for OMSI? And so that's what I'm doing.

The first release will consist of the Bee Line Spec AN460, then NJ Transit AN459, then SEPTA AN460, then finally the AN440. This is all for the major project that I will be starting soon, which is the full bee line map for OMSI, but that's for later.

For sound mods, please let me know down below what transmissions and engine combos you want for the bus.

As always, please do NOT annoy me with questions like "When is it going to be released?". Critism is fine.

Anyway, here is a rough body render of what the bus looks like now:
General Support / GM Fishbowl not loading in bus viewer.
December 20, 2017, 12:17:36 pm

My fishbowl dosen't show up under the GM drop down menu when I select a bus. How can I fix this?
General Support / OMSI Freezing After Loading any Map
November 02, 2017, 01:07:08 pm
Ok, I don't know what's causing OMSI to freak out but every time I load a map it freezes and won't come back from freezing. I thought it was only because of my map, but the problem seems to happen to other maps as well. Help?


I'm trying to upload my map to the site but I keep getting a "Please enter a download title" error when I submit the file, even though I already have a title. Help?


For some reason whenever I try to login from anywhere else then the home page, I will recieve a "Your session timed out" error and it won't let me on unless I refresh my cookies, which rarely works and will actually let me login. Is this a bug or just on my end?
General Support / Announcement Bug
June 02, 2017, 03:31:03 pm
So on my map I have my own got, which I used and then put in announcements. The only mod I installed on my new flyer buses is Dash's Powertrain mod and my announcements work when I open the doors.

However, on my friends computer, he still has the arrival bus stop announcements but the announcements do not play when he opens the door on his computer.

This issue seems to vary, as some of my other people get the door opening announcements but others do not. Help?
Welcome to New Era City, part of the New Era Universe.
The entire map is currently being redone as NEU 7 to reduce bugs and glitches found in the original version. The latest update is NET 7.0.1.

New Era City is based off the real life city of New York. The transit company New Era Transit services the 5 regions/boroughs (like districts) of New Era, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Be a city driver on multilane roads.

Main Features of the map:
35+ Lines including shuttles and school service serving 5 different boroughs.
26 Local Lines
3 Express/Limited Stop
Route variations, short turns
Dedicated bus lanes and Busy city driving
Frequent bus service scheduling; see other buses pass by!
More than 1300+ tiles!
Full installation and map support through discord

Please note that since this not a completed map, there are still some tiles missing scenery. For the best experience, stay within the Manhattan area, particularly routes operating to South Ferry. We are always looking for help. If you enjoy this map, you can help the development, including making announcements, which is planned for the next update. We are also looking for help to make a comprehensive route map, which can fit 30+ lines in a reasonable size.

Readme + list of lines: Here

M8 (ROUTE F IN NET 7.0.1)
M34/34A SBS
Q32/Q32 LTD

Download Full Map Package v7:
Download Manual
Discord Support:
Future Plans:
A multitude of Chrono events! Including road closure, bridge repairs, car accidents, and more.
Schedule mod with one tour serves multiple routes.
Announcements accurately reflecting New York City.

Making videos:
Please include in the description a link to the New Era Transit website, This will ensure that your viewers always get the most up to date link of the map. The individual Google Drive links will change each update.

An update of the map, hopefully version 7.1 will contain a scenery update that will cover all roads not covered in NET v7 Release.

We hope you enjoy the map! Please do not reupload this map on any other server without permission, thank you!

- The New Era City Team
Work In Progress Maps / Westchester Bee-Line Map v.01b
December 23, 2016, 08:35:02 pm


Westchester is above New York City, with areas in and around the Westchester Area being served by Bee-Line bus operations. Some of these bus lines have connections to the NYC Subway System in the Bronx. v.01b includes routes 1, 1L, 77A & 77B from Hastings/Dobbs Ferry to the Yonkers-Hastings Town Line. Route 6 is not playable by default but if you want to play it go ahead.

Until further notice, due to a building collapse at Greystone (not real life :p ), all southbound Route 1 buses terminate at the town line until further notice.

Route 1 From Hastings-Yonkers Town Line to Dobbs Ferry via Warburton Avenue weekdays until 9:54 PM. Saturday every 2 hours from 6:32 AM until 4:32 PM. Service on Sunday runs randomly every two hours.

Route 1L via Exp From Dobbs Ferry to Hastings Town Line via Warburton Ave Super Express. Operates limited service trips from 6:51 AM to 4:58 PM on Weekdays.

Route 77A&77B Operates late nights when Route 1 does not operate. (Does not exist in real life, will remain as a route till Yonkers portion is completed.)

Future Changes to v.02b
The addition of routes 1/C/T/W/X and Westchester Medical Center (all routes terminate at Getty Square until v.03b.)
The addition of route 78, Stew Leanoard Drive via SMRP.
The addition of Route 4.

Download Link:


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