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General Discussion / just a few little issues
March 26, 2017, 10:33:19 am
Hi , I am using a computer I haven't used in awhile for this game, and on every map, I have no destination signs on my bus, and no location wording appearing on my screen (Ex: Route 72 Airport)is not appearing under the arrows or at my stops. This is for all maps. Also not showing is the Code box there( I forget the name of it) but that box to sign in on on the Flyers, it isn't showing any wording.. Is there something anyone here could do to help me to fix that?

Also I am having an issue with the MCI 4500 that I recently purchased. The issue is that my map vibrates when the bus stops, the bus will not move forward at that time, and also the very back tires turn in the opposite direction of my front tires, so if I go to turn left, my back tires go right.

1 last thing, I am also wondering if someone can help me customize my AI list for maps I use most Grundelphia and Cayuga.

I usually don't have issues with this game, so any little bit of help would be great. Thanks everyone and have a great day.

Attached is a screen shot of my sign issues.


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