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Hello everyone! So coming into 2019, we will be exploring some new venues when it comes to this community. First thing's first, your feedback is important to the improvement of the community. Trust and believe when I say I've been listening to what you guys have been saying, and I want to make sure all of your voices are heard by the public!


Remember when Cayuga USA was the community's map, where everyone was allowed to give their own personal opinions of routes, design and the like? Well today we bring that back with this new competition: Design the New CCTA Livery! Here's the rules...

1. You must use the attached body template, and logos. This way it's fair to everyone to be involved.

2. You must post submissions in a submissions thread. Personal messages, discord messages, and anything that cannot be publicly accessed related to this competition WILL BE IGNORED. There will be an equivalent submissions thread to this in the OMSI/OMSI 2 Virtual Transportation Center facebook group, which is linked here where you are allowed to share submissions.

3. Submissions must be posted BEFORE February 4th, 2019.

4. Up to 2 submissions per user.


After all submissions are posted, there will be a facebook poll where everyone is allowed to pick their favorites. The winner will have their version of the CCTA livery become part of the February 24th update of the map, and all future versions of the map. On top of that, their livery will become the cover photo for the Facebook group as well as the VTC home page banner.

Happy posting!

*Note: This is in no way me being too lazy to come up with liveries myself and trying to pawn the work off on you guys. No totally it's not like that at all hehe

Website News / 2019, New Year New You!
January 01, 2019, 12:55:25 am

Happy New Year Everyone! From the staff here at Virtual Transportation Center to all of you :D. May your year be filled with happiness and success.

And most importantly, here's to hoping that 2019 is the greatest year yet!!

Website News / Happy Thanksgiving!
November 22, 2018, 03:06:53 pm
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Whether you're with your family, eating generic turkey, having a good time with friends, or just playing video games like myself, enjoy today for what it stands for. Not the savage backstory of it ;D

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at the Virtual Transportation Center. We are grateful that you've given us a good two years and will be even more thankful that we have many more to come.

With love,

The Staff From Virtual Transportation Center.
Work In Progress Maps / CCTA Route 75
November 17, 2018, 04:28:54 am
What's up everyone? So I think I finally completed the Cayuga USA route 75 (as of this post, but it's not in the released versions yet) that has been teased since the earliest builds of the map (with the street layout being ingame since the 0.5 build), and since people don't understand why, I figured it would be best to give a bit of a back story to the line.

The Plan:

See, the 75 was supposed to be ground breaking. It was to be one of the first lines in one of my maps to utilize "trolley buses." Problem is... the ones that existed in game kinda suck. I wanted it to resemble those used in Philadelphia route 75.

So ultimately I scrapped the plan to use them in the AI, and stuck with a more conservative approach and had standard buses run the line, with the wires still up in sort of an "abandoned trolley line" fashion, adding a more enviromental feel. The sad thing, is since the "City Line tram" idea was scrapped first, it just seems like a repeating trend in the Cayuga map.

Wayne Junction

Speaking of scrapped ideas, although the name of the terminus "Wayne Junction" shares a name with the real terminus on route 75 in Philadelphia, the actual setup of said terminus moreso pays homage to Grundelphia Wayne Junction station, which originally was meant to be a terminus on multiple lines (obviously, the idea was scrapped because I didn't know what the heck I was doing back then). In many ways, Cayuga ended up being what Grundelphia could only dream of becomming. (and by Grundelphia, I mean 2014 me).



See, originally, when I made this setup, I assumed that the ground could automatically be fixed. The incline only existed because I accidentally rose the terrain and didn't know how to fix it (the same applies to the slightly decended terrain around the original Penn's Landing). Because I didn't know how to fix it, I couldn't put a mini-hub in front of the station like I wanted to. In these days, pulling over to the side of the road as traffic passed was also not an option, because I rarely used splines that would allow me to do so. I was lost, I ended up making the "City Line" terminus which served the 51 and 9 lines down the line, but that also explains why some versions of Grundelphia has "Wayne Junction" listed as a terminus on the .hof files.

It Got Fixed in Cayuga

Like many issues in Grundelphia, a fixed version exists in Cayuga. The randomly dropping terrain in Grundelphia was replaced by a much smoother transitioning terrain in Cayuga (which also explains why there isn't as many inclines), but the best fix has got to be Wayne Junction.
With this better and improved version of Wayne Junction, buses can terminate on the sides of the road as intended, Currently, there are no plans to add in AI trains, so technically the Grundelphia version is more active than the Cayuga version, but I can honestly close the books on this annoying to implement system and can finally write off route 75 as a drivable line. In a future update, The 75 will match this schedule and have helpers.

This is really the first time I wrote about one of these lines like this, mainly because this one in particular holds so much history to me.
Add-On Maps / [MERGED] Cayuga USA 0.7 (Alpha Release)
November 04, 2018, 06:44:45 am
This topic has been merged into Cayuga USA.
General Support / Modifying an AI List!
September 03, 2018, 11:03:38 pm
How to Modify AI Lists

In order to add any vehicle to your AI list, you must first locate the AI list. First go into the folder for a the map you want to modify. Find a file labeled "ailists.cfg" (if you see ailists_#low.cfg, do not modify this as this is for the reduced AI settings. If you wish to have modded AI on reduced AI settings, you risk overpowering your computer, should you use the lower setting).


Opening up the file

Open this file up with notepad or notepad plus, and scroll down to the an active vehicle group. In the case of Cayuga, the standard group is "Cayuga City Standard Buses." You can also determine the standard AI group by opening up the Global.cfg file for the map, and finding the [standarddepot] tag, but this is not always accurate. The best way of determining which group is for buses is by looking for the "[aigroup_depot]" tag in the AI list, as most modern maps use multiple bus groups. In this example, we will focus on Cayuga City Standard Buses.


Swapping out vehicles

You may have noticed that I have a "URL" selected in the last screen. Well all AI lists basically use a link relative to the OMSI root to find vehicles. Both in the OMSI 1 and OMSI 2 format lists, however the OMSI 2 format lists give much more customization when it comes to conditions and numbers. However we will not be worrying about that for this, we're simply going to add in another vehicle. You have two ways of going about this, you could...

  • add in another vehicle as an additional vehicle
  • replace an existing vehicle in the AI with another

In this example, we will be replacing, but should you want to add you simply have to perform two additonal steps:

  • Add in a new tag for your AI list, under the desired AI group, with the label "[aigroup_depot_typgroup_2]"
  • under this tag, add in the URL to the vehicle of your choice (how this is determined will be explained below)
  • under the URL, add an [end] tag, but we won't stop there as the game will assume you want EVERY possible combination of this vehicle in your AI for now, but when we cover repaints this will be fixed.


Finding your vehicle URL

This is rather simple, all you really have to do is go to the vehicles folder of your OMSI 2, find the bus you want to add in, then replicate the directory then file in your AI list. As you can see, my folder setup is common | OMSI 2 | vehicles | Citaro Facelift UK, and the file I have selected is "MB_O530FL_Ecomat.bus" You only need everything after "OMSI 2" in your URL, as the game looks for everything beyond that folder already, so your reference in the AI list should be like vehicles\Citaro Facelift UK\MB_O530FL_Ecomat.bus


From here, in most cases, all you have to do is add in numbers, so under your Vehicle URL you can just type them as a list, example:

vehicles\Citaro Facelift UK\MB_O530FL_Ecomat.bus

However that may prove to be boring because, they will spawn with the default repaints. So how do we fix this? Well we reference em! Between each number and the repaint name there is to be two tabs, the first tab references to the license plate numbers and the second refers to the repaint name. So we want them to reference the repaint name. How do we do this? Simple. Keep this formula in mind:


So the ideal reference to a repaint would look like this:

Quote5130 M519017 Devon

Keeping in mind those are tabs, not spaces! You MUST hit the tab key on your keyboard where the tabs are referenced in the formula in order to do this proper. You can repeat this for as many numbers and repaints as you wish, it does not have to be the exact amount referenced in the map previously.

Wrapping up

Now all you have your AI list modified, here's some things you want to know:

  • Always make sure your repaint names exist in your actual vehicles, and try to avoid extra spaces. If you mess up even a little bit your buses will spawn with the default repaints instead of the paint of your choice
  • make sure the vehicle you're putting in the AI is the one you want. Sometimes it's good to double check by opening the .bus file and looking at the names of files and stuff.

Hopefully this was all helpful!
Work In Progress Maps / [WIP] Southside Ithaca
September 03, 2018, 03:01:55 pm
Southside Ithaca
Route 15 - Southside Shopper

Ithaca is Gorges! Welcome to Ithaca. A very lively town in upstate New York with one of the simplest bus systems in the country. A fleet of 51 buses operate on several lines. This map will be focusing on route 15, which operates on the Southside of Ithaca, providing access from downtown to the Titus Towers, Wegmans, and TOPS.


As mentioned in the "what are you working on" thread, I created sort of a sandbox map which basically allowed me to play around with object placement. What ended up happening was a pretty accurate 1:1 recreation of Ithaca, NY. At least, the South Side anyways. If this map ends up looking as good as I would like, I will expand to the full city.

Routes to drive
As it stands now, only route 15 will be a drivable route. It is a rather scenic route, going from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Ithaca, to a peaceful drive down the nature ridden Plain Street, with a side stop into Titus Towers. This route also provides access to Wegmans, Tops, and Walmart along Meadow Street.

Progress Status
As of right now, the road layout is 70% complete, with scenery lagging slightly behind at 50% complete. There is also no AI bus traffic as of yet. It may not be until late October that a stable release is out. There will be no beta/alpha releases with this map, as it is my 4th big project, by now I basically know what I'm doing so it will be complete looking upon release. Also no payware addons will be required to run this map (including Chicago) which is a first for this site.

Please leave all questions, comments, and concerns in this thread

This object pack is separate from the install packs of maps mainly because the products were not created by any developers on this site.

Download here

The following objects are included in this:

  • Map: Manly Act Two
  • Scenery Objects:  David M. Objects
  • Scenery Objects: 3dtransstudio (all of theses objects)
  • Scenery Objects: 3dstudio
  • Scenery Objects: Tony's A Objects
  • Scenery Objects: Freeman's Buildings
  • Scenery Objects: Road-Hog 123's Brittish Style Road Objects
  • Splines: Addon Simple Streets
  • Splines: Yufa Splines
  • Splines: Terrain Splines
***Please note that maps themselves are not included in the packages, as no one here owns the rights to these. This is simply a pack to get the maps on vtransitcenter.com working. Any questions? Ask on the forums here:


If you are one of the devs of content in this pack, and wish to have something in this pack removed, do not hesitate to inform me at dashgaming5155@gmail.com

Total Download Size: 2.08GB
General Discussion / What are YOU Working On??
August 20, 2018, 05:05:26 am
As the thread states, what are YOU working on for OMSI and OMSI 2? It doesn't have to be the next big thing, or even anything you plan to release. It could simply be a side project. Right now, I'm simply making timetables for the Cayuga 0.7 routes

So far the only one I have 100% done is the 68

Thing is I may or may not finish this because it's a bit too time consuming. But anyways guys what are YOU working on?
General Discussion / OMSI Roadeo 2018 - September 15th
August 18, 2018, 03:09:23 pm
Hello all you guys, this thread is for the OMSI Roadeo for 2018! What, you don't know what the OMSI roadeo is? If not, check this out:


Basically, the OMSI Roadeo is a competition for the best of the best drivers in OMSI, as well as an opportunity to show off buses/paints/mods that we've all been working on, all in one place. To keep things organized, we will allow submissions to the roadeo in this thread. This way, everyone can see what's going on before it happens. However. After the roadeo submission time-frame is reached, all submission comments in this thread will be removed in order to "suprise" everyone with which runs make it and which runs do not.

This year we will be doing the same run as last: Grundorf Route 76 from Krakenhaus to Bauernhof. The Grundorf map comes default with OMSI and OMSI 2, so no one needs to track down dependencies or have a super computer to participate.

If you wish to contribute to this year's Roadeo, here's the guidelines.

For runs:
  • You must start your video from idle. As in, you cannot start while your bus is moving or that's an automatic deduction on your final score
  • You will be graded based on your performance, so try to avoid collisions and improper driving
  • Standard sized buses only (40 feet/12 meters)

For displays/idle screens:

  • Even if you're showing off a repaint, there must be at least two buses on screen
  • any map can be used for this, so feel free to get creative
  • You must specify you are contributing for display/idle screens
  • Only screenshots and video clips less than 1 minute long will be accepted
  • (Recommendation) If possible, use the Grundorf.hof and put in code 29 for the OMSI readout

You can submit old runs, as well as new runs as long as they meet the guidelines (in otherwords, a video from 2015 would not be disqualified). All submissions must be sent in by September 8th. All runs submitted September 9th and onward will not be counted.

Happy posting!
General Discussion / Regarding Aussiex...
June 12, 2018, 03:14:08 pm
So as many of you know, OZx went down about a month ago due to being "compromised." Now in light of this, a lot of content on THIS site can no longer be used. I know this is frustrating but there's nothing we can do about this, and I'm not sure there's much the owners of OZx can do either. While this does mean a lot of content is unusable, please refrain from blaming developers for this. It's not our faults either.

I could rebuild some maps with this in mind, but that would also be salty for when aussiex comes back up. A lot of effort could be for nothing in light of this. We just need to be patient. If you ask people privately, that have the content, it's better to ask them for secondary links, than it is to pester developers for it.
As I've posted on all social medias, effective immediately, all OMSI projects I am currently working on are on indefinite hold. This includes:

- ALL repaints, even private ones, even if I don't personally tell you so.
- The New Flyer powertrain mod update
- Cayuga 0.7
- Liberty 0.3
- ANY collaboration I've promised.

I apologize if I've gotten your hopes up with the promised release of any of these mods/content.
Transit Discussion / SEPTA Direct Launches Sunday!
October 17, 2017, 06:16:18 pm
Today was the ribbon cutting ceremony and press conference for the SEPTA "Boulevard Direct" Service. The actual line debuts on October 22nd, 2017.

The main goal of this new service is to cut down on travel times. SEPTA Route 14 normally would take anywhere from 47 minutes to an hour on this trip. Specially branded "Boulevard Direct" buses would cut travel times to anywhere from 25 to 30 minutes, running every 10 minutes at peak hours.

SEPTA also stated that they have more plans for Direct service including the potential of all-door boarding, dedicated bus lanes, and more routes. More information on the Direct Bus Brand could be seen here: http://www.septa.org/directbus/index.html

Photo of Boulevard Direct Signage, Courtesy of SEPTA

Here's a render made in OMSI, for those interested in OMSI goods

Website News / New Multimedia Gallery Launched!
October 12, 2017, 09:04:56 pm
Hey guys, as the title says, I launched a new photo gallery where you can share both real-world and Simulation based Images!

Here's a list of features this Multimedia Gallery has over the old one:

-You can share multiple pictures, not just OMSI but all transportation images
-You can comment, share, and rate pictures
-You don't run the risk of someone stealing your pictures, as they are stamped with a watermark
-You can bulk upload images, up to 20 at a time infact!
-You can hotlink to external sites (unlike Photobucket <.<)
-You're allowed to create new albums for agencies that currently have none, or simply upload to your personal albums
-So much more!

All you need is an account with Virtual Transportation Center! Click the Gallery tab in the menu at the top, or Click here and share: http://vtransitcenter.com/multimedia/index.php
Well as of this moment, facebook is down for a lot of users if not all of them. I think it may have to do with what's going on in CA but no actual sources confirmed/denyed the cause.

Anyway is anyone else affected by this downtime? As in cannot access/login/etc?

Edit: Since no one has said anything by now, it doesn't affect you. Facebook is back online as of 12:54 Eastern.
Transit Discussion / Fictional Transit Systems?
October 11, 2017, 05:36:26 am
Have you ever made a fictional transit system? Give us all the news and updates on it here!

I know a lot of people on this board have built and maintained their own ficticious transit agency either in a video game or on paper, and I would like to see what you've all come up with.
Off Topic / Do You Have YouTube?
October 05, 2017, 11:31:35 pm
So naturally, I have a YouTube channel. 4, actually.

Transit Action Series

What about you guys? Anyone else here has a YouTube? Comment or share a video from your channel

Website News / October and Fall is here
October 01, 2017, 06:30:22 pm
Fall Foliage? Yup, It's October!

Photo of the month:

CNG Power "A greener pasture"
by CTA_FlxibleFan

A lot of new developers have joined the VTC, who creating a wide variety of content. All I have to say is that this month is going to be a good one in terms of content!

Santa Cruz Metro New Flyer Repaint (From ANIME-AND-BUSES)


This repaint download is the paint scheme of Santa Cruz Metro that was created in 1998 on their first low floor D40LF's and currently on their now retired 1990's Gillig Phantoms, 1998 D40LF's, 2002/2008 C40LF's, C40LFR's, and their 2013 XN35. The number on this bus is #2203, along with 2204 and 2207 which was sadly the one of the first 2002 New Flyer C40LF's that are now retired.

The pack has been updated. The white paint is now a bit grey, and on the highway 17 express version, it now has some decals.
C40LF also has decal on CNG compartment.

Link to Auction page of #2203

On google maps you can see #2203 on Route 71 heading to Capitola
(Which was the route I used to ride on)

R.I.P #2203,#2204, and #2207

-Do not claim this as your own work
-Credit me if you share(the repaint is free,so just share the link of the repaint :P )
-Enjoy the repaint
(To make it more real, use the New Flyer Powertrain mod DD50/Allison and Cummins ISL-G/Allison Specs)
General Discussion / 2017 OMSI Bus Roadeo
September 17, 2017, 03:19:46 am
Hey so guys, I made an event, asking people to submit their runs so that I can create a competition on OMSI 2 called a Bus Roadeo, similar to that of the ones in real life.

Now, at 3pm Eastern, we will finally have the competition. Anyone excited?

Well The run will be live here, and I will do a countdown timer 20 minutes before it's time to begin


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