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General Support / OMSI 2 Repaint Tutorial
August 23, 2019, 02:41:53 pm
Hello Everyone,

I know people ask time and time again how to do repaints in OMSI and OMSI 2. I made a tutorial back in 2014 showing how to do so using RPC files and templates, but how exactly does one do that in 2019? Well I will show you. All it will cost you is $0, unless you don't have OMSI yet ;)

Just to clarify, I am teaching you the way I do things. There are many other ways to go about this.

What you will need

Here's a list of programs you will need. For the most part you won't need much outside of these unless you have more of an interest in experimenting.

  • Paint.net [download here]
  • Windows Explorer [it comes with your dang computer]
  • OMSI or OMSI 2 [if you don't have this, stop right here this tutorial will be useless]

Introduction to files

Before we get started on the painting, we first need to learn which files we are editing.

  • .bus files
  • model.cfg files
  • .cti files
  • texture files

  • .bus files - These files are located in the root folder of every drivable OMSI vehicle. This file lists every script, configuration, and camera angle used by the bus, as well as the default repaint name and the name the bus uses in game. You can open this file with notepad. Here's a rundown of what's in that file:
    • [friendlyname] This section shows how the bus will show up in the model lists.The format that this is shown is [friendlyname]
      Manufacturer Name
      Model Name
      Default livery name
    • [description] This section is what shows up in the description box in the model list. Normally, specifications and vehicle details are in this section. You can ignore this section if you wish, though if you do edit this section, do NOT remove the [end] tag else your bus will encounter errors.
    • [number] Basically, it refers to the file that lists the default fleet numbers, which would end in .org. Normally, buses use the automatic registration which syncs the fleet number with the license plate number. Others use manual where if you don't type a registration number out manually, the vehicle will have none
    • [sound]/[sound_ai] These are links to the sound configuration files which list out which sounds play when triggered. If you want to sound mod this is something you would want to look into.
    • [model] This is what we will need out of the .bus file. This section links to where the model configuration file for this particular bus is located. Model configuration files are normally in the "Models" folder relative to the vehicle.
    • [paths]/[passengercabin] Similar to above, these are link to the passenger cabin and passenger paths files.
    Below this point in the .bus file is completely irrelevant to this tutorial and thus will be excluded
  • model.cfg files - Model specific files that specifies what objects and textures are used in the vehicle, as well as light positions, animations, and so on. Generally, model.cfg files are located in the model folder. for the sake of this tutorial, we will only focus on the first section of a model.cfg file
    • [CTC] - While I'm not quite sure what CTC stands for, this part of the model.cfg file tells you the location of the repaints folder for this model (so any vehicles sharing this model will share the same folder for repaints)
      Repaint folder
      Please note that this file is always in relation to the vehicle root folder. NOT the model folder.
    • [CTCTexture] - While I don't know precisely what a CTC texture is, I do know that this shows what file is being changed. This will be used later in the tutorial as well
      TextureName <- texture name*
      TextureFileName.png <- Original texture file*
      • Texture Name - This is the name of the texture to be referenced in the .cti file. This is not the file name but rather a keyword. Most buses use the default names but this line could contain any key word. Always look out for these lines before modifying a CTI file.
      • *Original texture file - this is the name of a file that that contains the original texture file that the texture name is referring to. It's recommended that you use this file as a base for your repaint since it normally all the details are in this file *granted because it's the default paint) The file mentioned here is located in the texture folder.
    • There's normally more than one [CTCTexture] line in a model cfg file. This means more textures can be changed by a repaint. Please note that changes induced by repaints only apply to the repaint, that will all be explained in the CTI file.
  • CTI files - these files are supposed to be in the repaints folder specified by the model.cfg. The contents of these files can be modified with windows notepad. CTI files tell OMSI bus simulator the location of each texture file, as well as which repaint the new texture will be applied to. Example:
    [item] <- opening tag
    RepaintName <- Repaint name
    TextureName <- Texture name
    repaint.png <- file name relative to the repaints folder
    The opening tag should always be [item] as this lets the game know that you're referring to a new texture. The repaint name specifies which repaint the new texture will be applied to. The texture name specifies which texture is being changed. The texture name is the same as it is in the model.cfg file. Finally, the file name relative to the repaints folder is referring to the new texture file containing the texture that will be used by the repaint. Most CTI files contain a section with the following tag:
    [Repaint name]
    Generally, this tag can be ignored. Like with most OMSI files, this tag is added for organization reasons and is ignored by the game itself. If you wish to keep your repaints organized, add this tag so that your eyes are instantly drawn to the section of the CTI file that contains your repaints.
  • Texture files - these files can be in any of the following formats: DDS, TGA, PNG, BMP, JPG, JPEG. Texture files are image files that, for a lack of better words,contains the textures. You'll notice that within each texture file, the images seem a bit disorganized and maybe even flipped. Because of how the texture is applied in vehicle's o3d model files, you should never try to "correct" the flipping or disorganization as the game will ALWAYS use the o3d model file as to refer to the location in each image where the textures are. Generally, DDS files used as textures are also required to be mipmapped a certain way. This tutorial will not cover .dds and .tga files, as that requires more external programs, most of which are no longer available

Now Lets get to Painting

Now that we got the tools and a pretty good understanding of what files are located where, we will now begin our repaint. We'll start by opening up the .bus file for the vehicle we want to modify. For this tutorial, we will doing MTA3306's Gillig Low Floor bus, which a vehicle that does NOT use a .tga or .dds file as its base texture, meaning it does not need to be converted or anything like that. After a proper install, the Gillig Low Floor SHOULD be located in the following folder:

[OMSI 2]/vehicles/Gillig AdvantageSo I will be modifying the Gillig Low Floor 40 footer, which is a fine bus to repaint especially for simple repaints.

  • Find the RIGHT .bus file. Now remember, I said we are looking for the Gillig Low Floor 40 footer, so what we have to do is open up .bus files, find the friendly name section, and make sure the name matches what we're looking for. These files thankfully can be opened with Microsoft's Notepad.
  • Locate the Model File within the .bus file.  Scroll down in the proper .bus file until you fine the [model] section described above.
  • Find the base body texture using this method. Straight forward now, open up the model file with notepad, find the [CTCTexture] section, and find the file you want to modify. In the Gillig Low Floor 40 footer, this will be shown as the following[CTC]


  • Copy the CTC texture file from the base texture folder to the repaints folder, and rename it something that you will remember. In the case of the Gillig Low Floor, we are copying texture\ADV_body_2.png to texture\Repaints_40\ADV_body_2.png
  • Open your new file with paint.net

Painting Process:
Because this section would be too long to explain, I will write a separate tutorial for this later on. This section will be changed once that tutorial is out.

Putting your repaint in-game

Now that we've done all the hard parts, this next part is going to be a piece of cake. First we will navigate to the repaints folder and do one of two things: Create a new CTI file or edit a pre-existing one. Creating a new CTI file requires you to turn "show known file extensions" on in the windows folder options, so if that sounds too complex, I recommend editing pre-existing ones - they can all be opened with notepad.

However, if you wish to create a new one, here's how to go about it (after enabling view all file extensions in the windows explorer settings, which varies from PC to PC). It's easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Right click on a blank spot within the folder window you have open.
  • On the menu that pops up, hover over "new" and select "Text Document." You'll notice there's a new file that say "New Text Document"
  • Rename that file to anything you wish as long as you change the extension from txt to cti. Windows will ask you to confirm this change. For obvious reasons, click yes.
And you're done!

No matter what method you use to get to a .cti file, you can edit it with notepad. It's recommended that you put the organization tag above the first new texture so you can easily find it should you need it.
**************** <- 16 asterisks
Pogo Stick <- Opening header of your choice
**************** <- 16 more asterisks
Now that we have a header, we must now add our new texture to the repaint file and save it. Remember the format of which you add the repaint and re-textures to the .cti file must be in this format:
[item] <- opening tag
RepaintName <- Repaint name
repaint_ext <- Texture name
repaintfile.png <- file name relative to the repaints folder
If you've modified more than one texture file that you want to apply to this repaint (e.g. rims, seats, etc), you can insert another item tag for each modified texture. Just make sure you keep the repaint name consistent or else your modified texture will be applied to another repaint (Slight spelling errors are not forgiven by OMSI at all). Also make sure that the texture name is correct as having two texture files share the same texture name in a single repaint will give some undesired results. After adding all your changed textures to the new CTI file, save and close it. You're done with it. Your repaint will now be recognized as one of the vehicle's repaints. Next time you open the game, the repaint will be loaded into the list of repaints for the vehicle. You do NOT have to take any further steps.

Congratulations, you have added a repaint to your OMSI 2 bus!

Please note that if you want to modify a texture on the bus that is not listed in the model.cfg, you must first add the line for the [CTCTexture] to the model.cfg file yourself and then repaint as normal. Please keep in mind that repaints to your modified model.cfg will only work for YOUR model.cfg unless others used the same texture name as you.

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be shared below.
Blah blah blah blah design the livery blah blah blah templates blah blah blah.

Download this template to use with submissions and designs

Remember when Cayuga USA was the community's map, where everyone was allowed to give their own personal opinions of routes, design and the like? Well today we bring that back with this new competition: Design the New CCTA Livery! Here's the rules...

1. You must use the attached body template. THIS time, I won't include the logo. You don't have to add the logos in your design if you do not wish to do so.

2. You must post submissions in a submissions thread. Personal messages, discord messages, and anything that cannot be publicly accessed related to this competition WILL BE IGNORED.

3. Submissions must be posted BEFORE August 25th, 2019.

4. Up to 2 submissions per user.

After all submissions are posted, there will be a facebook poll where everyone is allowed to pick their favorites. The winner will have their version of the CCTA livery become part of version 0.8 of the map, and all future versions of the map. On top of that, their livery will become the cover photo for the Facebook group as well as the VTC home page banner.

Happy posting!

*Note: This is in no way me being too lazy to come up with liveries myself and trying to pawn the work off on you guys. No totally it's not like that at all hehe

General Transit Discussion / Transit Photos II
August 03, 2019, 10:37:19 pm
This thread needs no description, post your transit pictures here.

If you don't know how to post pictures in a forum setting, you can simply upload them as an attachment to the thread. If they're deemed too large, you can also upload them to the multimedia gallery and use the "bbcode" at the bottom of the page containing your picture and paste it into your post.

anyways, here's a few Tompkins TCAT shots:

TCAT 1603 - a 2016 Gillig Low Floor on route 14S

TCAT 1114 - an Orion VII 3G on route 15

TCAT 1110 - an Orion VII 3G on route 31

TCAT 1801 - a 2018 Gillig Low Floor on route 21

TBH their 2018 Gilligs grew on me. That Allison whine is so hecking loud on those!  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3
General Transit Discussion / Transit Videos II
August 03, 2019, 10:32:41 pm
Share your IRL transit Videos here, the old thread was deemed too old to continue with it. To keep things simple, you can essentially post whatever videos of transit you want, as long as it's not one of those fight videos people love. Post those in another thread.

FYI, if you want your video to become video of the week, say so in your post (idk maybe with a #votwsubmission tag?). Video of the week rotates every Sunday.

Anyways here's my latest video, It takes place at Woodbourne Station on SEPTA's West Trenton Line.

August 1st, 2019, at 10am, Luzurne County Transportation Authority (LCTA) has announced a rebranding and will now be known as "Northeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority." Name sound familiar?

The name change was announced during a ceremony at the Murray Complex (in Wilkes Barre, PA), which will be the future home of the new Headquarters building.

What this means is, buses will be rebranded, uniforms will change, and the website will be completely redesigned as well as moved to goNEPTA.org. No word on any future expansions yet, but this alone was a big surprise to fans and riders alike; as this was all just announced today.

Sources: Times Leader, Citizen's Voice
This thread is for following the Tompkins TCAT fleet with all minor changes and updates. The roster in this thread may not always be accurate but it's pretty close most of the time

Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit roster as of July 23rd 2019. For the sake of this thread, I will clarify how the fleet numbering works. With the exception of the second hand 2005 models, the first two digits of the fleet number represents the last two digits of the year the vehicle was built. In the case of buses built between 2000 and 2009, only the first digit represents the year it was built. Example, 601 would be built in 2006, and 901 would be built in 2009. Following this, it's clear that 1101 would be a 2011 model.

2002 Gillig Low Floor 29 Foot

Cummins ISC/Allison B300R-5

2005 New Flyer D40LF
Former CENTRO Bus,
Cummins ISL/Voith D864.3E

2501, 2517*

2005 Gillig Low Floor
EX-CAT Harrisburg
Cummins ISL/Allison B400R-5


2006-2011 Gillig Low Floor

Cummins ISL/Allison B400R-5
601-608, 901-904, 1104-1106, 1108, 1109, 1118

2006-2011 Gillig Low Floor Hybrid

Cummins ISB/Allison Ep40
613-615, 701-703, 1102, 1103*

2011 Orion VII 3rd Generation

Cummins ISL/Allison B400R-5

2014 Chevrolet/Arboc Cutaway

2010 Chevrolet C5500 Chassis
1402, 1403*

2015-2016 Gillig Low Floor

Cummins ISL/Allison B400R6
1501, 1502, 1601-1605

2018 Gillig Low Floor

Cummins L9/Allison B400R6

615, 1115, 2517, an un-numbered ex-RTS Gillig Low Floor, and an un-numbered ex-Centro D40LF all sit inactive at the Garage, awaiting parts/retirement.
Hello Everyone,

I'm pretty sure you can tell by the title what's going on here, I, Dash, have to decided to retire from OMSI modding for good. I know I've left the community time and time again be it from stress, messed up hardware, or financial trouble, but this time I'm stepping down for good.

What does this mean?

Well for starters, no new mods, updates, or patches will be made by me, nor will I make any further support posts related to OMSI mods. This also means no new OMSI 2 videos will be posted on my gaming channels.

What about Cayuga USA?

Cayuga USA, Grundelphia, and Liberty will remain online, and I have no intention of eliminating these maps for any reason. However with that being said the promised 0.7.7 and 0.8 updates for Cayuga USA are as good as cancelled.

Will the repaired New Flyer Powertrain Mod be re-released?

No, and to be honest I never considered it to be broken myself. I just also am aware that not everyone has the same tastes, and most would prefer if I didn't force SEPTA specs on them. So the New Flyer Powertrain Mod will remain offline. If someone has an old version they want to repost, feel free. Just be aware that I will NOT be supporting it.

What will happen to Virtual Transportation Center

Nothing. I use this website for other things than OMSI, so removing the website would be more of a loss for me than for OMSI. That being said this site and everything currently on it will remain for years to come.

Why are you retiring?

Well. I'm 26 years old, with a family to take care of. While OMSI modding is a good way to kill time, the community has grown to expect me to have made this my full time job. Which I don't mind, but the problem is for me to dedicate my time to such a task, I'd need some type of compensation for the time I'm not spending with my family, which is just not feasible with making OMSI mods with my current model (honestly, it's cost me more than I can afford multiple times, from financially, to socially. I've lost real life friends over modding). Not to mention, all of the recent negative attention my work has been getting, as well as myself. My family has been harassed due to some of this as well, and I've decided enough is enough. I'm dropping out of this for the safety of my mental health as well as to have more time with my family and friends. To have more time to work my job in real life, and to continue living my life as an adult.

Will you come back to LOTUS when that comes out?

MAYBE but it wouldn't be as big a bang as with OMSI. I'd be in LOTUS but I wouldn't make as much content if I did. Maybe a map the size of Grundorf and a few repaints here and there, but nothing big, Not this time.

I'm sorry for those who take this as a loss, but please understand this is for the best. If you still want fresh content for OMSI, I recommend you check out Fellowsfilm, New Era Universe, or MTA3306's Corner. I hope you all have a wonderful day!
RiverLine Cars Out of Service

A defect was found in the one of the DMU's that operate on the RiverLine and as a result, all but 4 cars were taken out of service for emergency inspection.

NJ Transit will operate alternate express bus service to the line during the day to supplement the 4 cars that are in service. These buses will only stop at Trenton Transit Center, Florence, Beverly/Edgewater Park, and Walter Rand Transportation Center.

NJ Transit also will cross-honor RiverLine tickets on local lines for alternate service to other stations. For a full listing of which routes serve which stations, see the below link.

No word on what the actual defect was as of yet, but stay tuned...

Update 2:20pm EST
Accordingly, the defect was found in the wheels. Still no word on WHAT was found, but simply that they did not meet safety standards.

Source/Details: https://www.njtransit.com/sa/sa_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=CustomerNoticeTo&NoticeId=2575&fbclid=IwAR0rZlUFRZfQD0L-JL6b7K0ao5fnLIEkLWOFJs3B1bjez8RNOAWh16nGCAg
This weekend, I was up in Hershey, PA, enjoying past and present buses in Hershey PA. Saw some pretty interesting gems as well. If anyone else was there feel free to share your shots and feelings. It was good seeing people there as well.

Here's a video I posted, more to come later on:

This thread is to keep track of all the New Flyer Xcelsiors and Proterra Catalyst Buses arriving on SEPTA's property.
Last Updated: June 29th, 2019

New Flyer Xcelsior XDE40
Numbers: 3000-3524 (contirmed)
3000-3236, 3238-3242, 3244-3275 delivered as of June 29th 2019

3000 - Callowhill Depot

New Flyer Xcelsior:
3001-3059 - Callowhil Depot
3060-3084 - Victory Depot
3085-3101 - Southern Depot

3102-3119 - Southern Depot
3120-3169 - Frankford Depot
3170-3194 - Comly Depot
3195-3204 - Frontier Depot

3205-3224 - Frontier Depot
3225-3236, 3238-3242, 3244-3254 - Midvale Depot
3255-3274 - Victory Depot
3275 - Frankford Depot

New Flyer Xcelsior Charge XE40
Numbers: TBD
None delivered as of June 3rd 2019

Proterra Catalyst E2 BE40
Numbers: 900-924 (contirmed)
900-924 delivered as of June 3rd 2019,
Order complete

900-901 - Southern Depot

902-909, 913-920 - Southern Depot

910, 911, 921 - Southern Depot
922, 923 - Delivered as of May 31st 2019
924 - Delivered as of June 13th 2019

This thread will be regularly updated as things change.
Greyhound Bus Services put up for Sale by FirstGroup

According to multiple sources, Greyhound Bus Services went up for sale today (Thursday, May 30th) by FirstGroup after pressure from activist shareholder group "Coast Capital Management"

FirstGroup has two subdivisions in the United States: One First Student, which covers school transportation, charters, and the like. The other being First Transit, which does local commuter contracts (one of which is with Philadelphia's SEPTA Customized Community Transportation, or CCT division).

Since taking over Greyhound in 2007 from former owner, Laidlaw International, FirstGroup has introduced many enhancements to Greyhound service, including the "BoltBus" service, which was made as a partnership between Peter Pan and Greyhound to provide low-cost premium services between cities along the Interstate 95 corridor (the partnership has since ended, and Greyhound LLC is the current sole owner of Bolt Bus).

By separating Greyhound from their First Transit division, it will allow for a more focused portfolio from FirstGroup, which is one of many things Coast Capital Management is pushing, along with a restructuring of management level operations in each division.

No word on if any offers were made to purchase Greyhound from FirstGroup, but updates will continue to roll in and we will keep you updated.

With the New Flyer Xcelsior buses coming in quickly, SEPTA is actively retiring the New Flyer D40LF buses in the feet, as well as the New Flyer DE40LF "first generation" hybrids. This thread will keep track of all the current buses retired, and this first post will be updated every time something changes.

Retired 2001 New Flyer D40LFs

Entire Fleet Retired as of February 2019

Retired 2002 New Flyer D40LFs

Entire Fleet Retired as of July 27th, 2019

Retired 2003 New Flyer DE40LFs

Entire fleet retired as of June 13th 2019

Retired 2003 New Flyer D40LFs as of August 12th, 2019

5614-5616, 5619-5629, 5631, 5633-5635, 5637, 5639, 5642, 5643, 5647-5659, 5660, 5662, 5665-5667, 5669, 5670-5677, 5680, 5681, 5685-5688, 5690,5692-5694, 5698, 5700-5702, 5704-5707, 5712

Retired 2004 New Flyer D40LFs as of August 12th, 2019

5767(?), 5769(?), 5794

Retired 2005-2006 New Flyer D40LFs as of August 12th, 2019


As previously stated, this thread will be actively updated as buses retire from revenue service. Information is coming from members of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area Transit Scene group on Facebook.

*The two listed 2004 D40LFs were not actually seen at the scrap yard. Fingers crossed they aren't actually retired but instead on light duty
Post Your Original pictures and videos here of the MTA

Website News / IRL Transit Focus Shift
May 13, 2019, 06:17:17 pm
As you all may know, with LOTUS coming in the near future, and a dying interest in new OMSI content, this site is slowly but surely re-configuring itself to focus more on IRL transit. With that being said there's one big change coming in June and that will be the introduction of IRL bus rosters/pages to the site. Believe it or not this has a lot to do with us now.

So what can you do? Well if you are a transit enthusiast and you want your local agency represented on this site, provide as much information on it as you can (and if you took any photos, feel free to add them to the multimedia galley) and we will add them.

Only two rules apply here:

1. Since I know what information CPTDB wiki, and Wikipedia, and most other people do as well, you CANNOT (and I can't stress this enough) simply provide us with a wiki article. Remember this site is all about the personal touch. We will look at the wiki's for fleet rosters and whatnot, but anything else you want to provide like what key points there are to access the system (like Transit Centers and whatnot), and photos taken by yourself (and even things the wiki's got wrong fleet roster/fare structure-wise) that's what we're looking for.

2. North American only. Since we cannot really promise much in terms of expansion on currently

Stay tuned for more updates coming in June...
Add-On Vehicles / Modded NovaBus LFS Forty-Foot
May 06, 2019, 08:18:35 am
NovaBus LFS Sounds and More
Sound/Script Mods By Dash5155

After so much whining and complaining from you jerks support from you guys, I finally decided to release what I have, sounds n all. Since a lot of my changes require modified versions of the default files, and I forget which are and which aren't, I just uploaded my whole LFS folder.  I won't be changing things in this pack, in-fact I'm not even sure how long it will remain uploaded.

Download:  https://www.vtransitcenter.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=downfile&id=75

  • All the default buses in the LFS pack with all the listed modifications
  • Gen IV LFS (SEPTA and MTA bodies)
  • All-door exiting
  • Exteior announcements
  • Kneeling sounds
  • modified DBC Chicago .hof files
  • the many sound moods by Dash5155/TheDashOfficial
  • the many script changes by Dash5155/TheDashOfiicial

Special thanks to:
  • MTA3306 (Creator of the Original Bus)
  • Dash5155
  • TheGr8Winston
  • Nyctrman
  • Krtz07
  • Jon

Althought you don't need to download the latest version of the NovaBus LFS (as of this point it's 0.72), I still condone supporting the developer. Visit https://mta3306.github.io/mtaWebSite/index.html for all their updates and content.

Work In Progress Maps / CCTA Routes 34 and 35
April 07, 2019, 04:36:33 pm

CCTA bus route 34 introduced back in June 2016 as the second CCTA Local route, which originally ran from Greenville Transit Hub to Front-Market by way of the central tram way (which went from 18th and City Ave to Market Street underground) Mondays through Saturdays only. On October 5th 2016, the 34 was had a rush-hour only branch added which served Springfield Mall. However, due to a high demand in service, this rush hour only extension was turned into a full service route on December 3rd 2016, known as the route 35, operating daily Mondays through Sundays (unlike the previous 34 which did not operate Sundays)

Direct Bus Era

Around when CCTA was introducing newer routes to meet demand, a new bus brand, known as "Direct Bus Service" and with it came the "Central Direct" route 301 These routes brought riders from City Line to Front-Market in a 3rd of the time it took the 34/35 which drove ridership onto the 301 and off of the 34/35. On April 28th, 2017, the 34 suffered its first cut in the history of the route, as it was cut back to City Hall, 15th-Market on this day. The 35 was also cut back to City Hall.

City Line Service Enhancements

In July 2017, former trolley route 3 became bus operations full time. Because of this, the bus operations along City Line was looked into, including service along routes 34 and 35. It became clear to both city planners and riders of the routes that they could also not follow their former trolley routes any longer as ridership patterns have since changed with the times. Studies were performed to see where the ridership of routes 34 and 35 ended and where ridership of the Central Direct Began. It was unanimously agreed that 18th Street and City Avenue was where the last of the Darrah Peak riders would exit and where the first of the "Central Busway" riders would pick up.

Final Draft

Once it was determined that routes 34 and 35 no longer needed to go beyond 18th and City, it was now a matter of "Where to send them to retain ridership without having them go too far out of the way. It was a toss up between Arrott Transportation Center and Front Street and City Avenue. By November 4th, 2018 it was settled that all 34/35 buses would terminate at Arrott Transportation Center, alongside route 75, where they still go to this day.

So this is something new we're trying out, basically you submit pictures to this thread and whichever post gets the most likes will be the photo of the month for April 2019. This month's theme is just IRL equipment, be it bus, train, trolley, trackless trolley, and... that's it.

  • Your image MUST be in the photo gallery (the image BBCode is at the bottom of each picture on the 'intermediate' image view).
  • One image per post, two posts per member
  • We're going real world pictures this month so only real stuff.

Happy posting. Since the rules are somewhat simple, submissions will be done at March 30th, and the winner will be whoever has the most likes on April 1st.
MTA R-160 Subway Train Mod for GTA IV
By Sonder of libertycity.net


I'm not the creator of this mod by any means, but I'm posting it here because it is an amazing mod that replaces the default trains with R160s... and as you can see in the video it fits PERFECTLY.

Download Link:

Again, I want to heavily emphasize that I did not create this mod, I'm merely promoting it. I searched several years for such a mod and not once did it come up on google. Turns out it was right under our noses for about 1 and a half years now. Enjoy!


[attach width=800 name=2019-03-11+(6).png type=image/png]1817[/attach]
[attach width=800 name=2019-03-11+(8).png type=image/png]1819[/attach]
[attach width=800 name=2019-03-11+(15).png type=image/png]1821[/attach]
Get Exterior Announcements on ANY OMSI 2 Bus

This tutorial will show you how to get exterior announcements on your buses, based on the schedule you're on. Make sure you make backups of all your files, and attempt at your own risk! I will not be held responsible if you didn't make backups!!

So like look up which door OSC your bus uses (it's usually named door.osc but make sure you look at your.bus file to be sure) and then find this:

{macro:Door Frame}
scroll down until you find something similar to this:

(L.L.door_0) 0.9 > (S.L.PAX_Entry0_Open) (S.L.PAX_Exit0_Open)
 (L.L.door_2) 0.9 > (S.L.PAX_Entry1_Open) (S.L.PAX_Exit1_Open)
 (L.L.door_3) 0.9 > (S.L.PAX_Entry2_Open) (S.L.PAX_Exit2_Open)
 (L.L.door_4) 0.9 > (S.L.PAX_Entry3_Open) (S.L.PAX_Exit3_Open)
 (L.L.door_5) 0.9 > (S.L.PAX_Entry4_Open) (S.L.PAX_Exit4_Open)

Now I must warn it won't be exactly the same, so that's why I never outright told people to do this because if it doesn't work, I know for a fact that people will get angery with me and tell me I broke their games. So I warn it won't be the same, and if you're unsure MAKE BACKUPS. Anyways, under the last door Entry/exit, in this case the last one is 5, hit return to add an extra space, then add in this:

(L.L.door_0) 0.05 >
 (L.L.external_announcement) 1 = &&
 0 (M.V.GetDepotStringGlobal) $+   
 "\" $+ 
 (M.V.GetTTLineString) $+
 "_EXT_" $+
 (M.V.GetTTTerminusIndex) 0 (M.V.GetTerminusString) $+
 ".wav" $+
 $msg (T.F.ev_ext_announce)
 0 (S.L.external_announcement)

 (L.L.door_0) 0.04 <
 (L.L.external_announcement) 0 = &&
 "ditto.wav" $msg (T.F.ev_ext_announce)
 1 (S.L.external_announcement)

Then save.

NEXT, we open up the varlist for that same bus, mind you it's usually door_varlist.txt but it could be named something differently so check your .bus file under varlists to be sure.

anyway all you do in this case is add in this:

external_announcement and save

We're almost done.


Open up the sound cfg file for whatever bus you're using. In this case, it's in the sound folder and normally named sound_[bus name].cfg but it could be named differently so make sure, again, you check your .bus files.

Anyways, just add in this small bit of code and save.





and save and viola, you've just given your bus automatic exterior announcements!

  • Depending on your scheduled trip and whatnot, so far this only works by default with Cayuga USA as it's the only map that has announcements made with this function in mind, but it could be expanded to other maps if other developers work with this, or if you make announcements yourself.
  • In order to have announcements play in other maps, you must create .wav files in the GLOBAL announcements directory relative to the .hof file with the name:
    For example,
    47_EXT_CITY HALL.wav
  • To make buses announce when the front doors close, you can add a .wav file to your vehicle named "ditto.wav" in your vehicle's sound folder.

Thank me by sharing this tutorial if it works for you! Special thanks to user "John" for creating the originals as well!
The current release of Cayuga USA is the v0.7.6 patch released on April 15th 2019. Click the banner below to get the latest release

Just to clarify to reduce potential questions, unless something crutial (like map-breaking) is discovered in the current releases, here's the schedule for Cayuga USA releases:

Cayuga USA v0.7.6 - April 15th 2019
Cayuga USA v0.7.7 - May 1st 2019
Cayuga USA v0.8 - TBD

Version 0.7.7 would only fix bugs mentioned in 0.7.6, no new routes will be introduced in this release.
The v0.8 release would potentially would introduce routes 7 and 316 as well as rwo airport routes and two night-time Direct routes.

There's no more NEW routes on the other than the hints dropped here. Anything else you hear or see is simply speculations, ideas, references and otherwise not the real deal. The announcements calling out routes that aren't actually there are either call backs to an older version or an idea that was ultimately rejected.

As of right now, routes like the 59, 89, and 101 that were supposed to be introduced in 0.4 with helpers and stuff still floating around are slated to be scrapped. Routes 91 is the only one of these routes that will still be made but it won't be introduced until possibly the final version.

Use this thread to comment on release dates or ACTUAL bugs (not just "bruh I can't get the map to work") here. Everything else like route suggestions and requests for getting the map working should go in the main support thread for Cayuga USA


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