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Add-On Maps / Re: Cayuga USA v0.7.6 Released!
June 18, 2019, 05:27:30 am
Quote from: gamingtroll92 on June 18, 2019, 12:57:37 amDash what's gonna be in version 0.7.7?
Literally 3 generations of B division trains at one stop. This is beautiful, and I'll be sad when this changes.

General Support / Re: freezing while driving
June 17, 2019, 10:37:52 am
Have you ever defragmented your hard drive? Maybe that's a solution
Quote from: gamingtroll92 on June 16, 2019, 01:26:11 pmwhen I got the mod I brightened the matrix using my editing skills.   I'll give you a download link if you need it.   I edited many of the sounds.   Some of them come for recordings that I made on my phone.  Another thing, I'm making changes to the DE41LFR mod  which was discontinued back in 2016.   When I finish with that mod  i'll give you the download link if you want to test it via gmail.
The lighting thing was a known issue. It wasn't intended to be part of the mod but rather a side effect, and again. The point of the mod was to make it SEPTA spec as it was originally a tie-in to the Grundelphia map.

With that being said, I am locking this thread due to the fact that this mod is no more for now. It will reopen if/when a new version comes out
5654, 5662, 5669, and 5672 were added to the list, and 5562 may be soon as well as it was seen being dropped off at the Midvale "scrap yard."
The 2016 New Flyer MD30's Numbered 4603-4616
There was complaints about the entire mod (which was meant to be SEPTA spec sounds and models) being SEPTA spec. If I remove the SEPTA specs from the mod, only the C40LF would remain. If I keep the mod with the a general model, and not use SEPTA spec bodies, there ends up being complains about the mod's sounds not matching some other agency, which again is the point of the mod.

There was also multiple complaints about the scrolling signs feature... several years after I introduced it, yet when I introduced it I opened up the doors to complaints from the community. However back then no one said anything and now the complaints are constant but the signs are deeply embedded into the mod.

There's also complaints that there's not enough specs, even though this single mod includes 11 D40LF variants, 2 DE40LF variants, 4 C40LF variants, and 4 D60LF variants. After installation, the mod expands to 3-4 GB so it's already pretty big.

Long story short this mod is dead, more complaints about the mod itself than anything. That's why it's offline. It won't come back the way it was originally if it even comes back.
As of today, the Proterra Catalyst order is hereby completed! 924 was just delivered, and now 922-924 eagerly await assignment.
The 2003 DE40LFs are done - 5612H was taken off the roster as of 5 hours ago. RIP.
A whole bunch just went down today. 5608H, 5611H, 5648-5649, 5653, 5655, 5658, 5674, and 5701 specifically. This is getting sad...
Quote from: Cummins ISL on June 11, 2019, 09:10:07 pmJust make it so then theres 2 variations of the same powertrain in the mod - a SEPTA body variation, and a regular variation.
Quote from: The Lycanroc Gamer on June 05, 2019, 07:32:50 pmMaybe the parts from the old SEPTA buses are used in the new SEPTA buses.
Only the fareboxes. For the most part, they tend to sell the old buses to scrap companies.

Speaking of, 5606H has been officially removed form the roster yesterday, Considering that there was only 12 buses in the 2003 batch of DE40LFs, it's kinda sad to see these all go.

RiverLine Cars Out of Service

A defect was found in the one of the DMU's that operate on the RiverLine and as a result, all but 4 cars were taken out of service for emergency inspection.

NJ Transit will operate alternate express bus service to the line during the day to supplement the 4 cars that are in service. These buses will only stop at Trenton Transit Center, Florence, Beverly/Edgewater Park, and Walter Rand Transportation Center.

NJ Transit also will cross-honor RiverLine tickets on local lines for alternate service to other stations. For a full listing of which routes serve which stations, see the below link.

No word on what the actual defect was as of yet, but stay tuned...

Update 2:20pm EST
Accordingly, the defect was found in the wheels. Still no word on WHAT was found, but simply that they did not meet safety standards.

Quote from: Jonathan the great on June 04, 2019, 04:55:03 pmWill the D40LF and DE40LF will be hedding to the scrap yard  after they retire?
All SEPTA buses do.
5607H and 5605H were removed from revenue service. Which means as it stands, only 5606H, 5608H, and 5611H-5612H are left from the 2003 batch of DE40LFs, however there is a report that 5606, 5608, and 5611 had retired as well, which means only 5612 is left. I'm glad I caught them when I did.
Quote from: The Lycanroc Gamer on June 04, 2019, 02:40:22 pmSo no more DD50/Allison or ISL/ZF Ecomat II?
This mod might just be dead...
The Proterras operate on routes 29 and 79

There's only supposed to be 25 of them, which is enough to cover the load line on both routes during the rush with a few spares.
Will be offline until a patch comes out which will remove the SEPTA spec models due to numerous complaints

FYI, since this is a SEPTA mod, it's basically offline indefinitely
Quote from: Jonathan the great on June 03, 2019, 04:13:27 pmIs SEPTA going electric? Because We Got XE40s and XE60s at the South Base depot
That's the plan if the current electrics work out. But it would take a while. The sad thing is either way the fleet will be 95% hybrid once the XDE40 fleet order is through.
5681 retired from revenue service -_-
3250-3252 wemt into service at Midvale Depot
3256, 3258 and 3260 went into service at Victory Depot.

NJ Transit Flxible Metro-B #3057

Former Fairfax Connector NovaBus RTS

Articulated Prevost, Model H5-60. Powered by a 500HP Detroit Diesel Series 92 (8v92)

Ex-Bee-Line Neoplan AN460A

Diverse array of GMC New Look buses fom three different owners

Some others

The first ever Proterra Catalyst. They call it "Proterra Number One"

This weekend, I was up in Hershey, PA, enjoying past and present buses in Hershey PA. Saw some pretty interesting gems as well. If anyone else was there feel free to share your shots and feelings. It was good seeing people there as well.

Here's a video I posted, more to come later on:

See if the same thing comes up again at the same spot. It doesn't seem normal.
This thread is to keep track of all the New Flyer Xcelsiors and Proterra Catalyst Buses arriving on SEPTA's property.
Last Updated: May 31st, 2019

New Flyer Xcelsior XDE40
Numbers: 3000-3524 (contirmed)
3000-3260 delivered as of June 3rd 2019

3000 - Callowhill Depot

New Flyer Xcelsior:
3001-3059 - Callowhil Depot
3060-3084 - Victory Depot
3085-3101 - Southern Depot

3102-3119 - Southern Depot
3120-3169 - Frankford Depot
3170-3194 - Comly Depot
3195-3204 - Frontier Depot

3205-3224 - Frontier Depot
3225-3232, 3234, 3238-3242, 3244-3254 - Midvale Depot
3255-3261 - Victory Depot
3264, 3265 - Delivered as of June 13th 2019

New Flyer Xcelsior Charge XE40
Numbers: TBD
None delivered as of June 3rd 2019

Proterra Catalyst E2 BE40
Numbers: 900-924 (contirmed)
900-924 delivered as of June 3rd 2019,
Order complete

900-901 - Southern Depot

902-909, 913-920 - Southern Depot

910, 911, 921 - Southern Depot
922, 923 - Delivered as of May 31st 2019
924 - Delivered as of June 13th 2019

This thread will be regularly updated as things change.


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