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NJ Transit Demos and Oddballs

NJ Transit Demo Buses and Oddball Fleet

Before any bulk order, NJ Transit tends to demo buses and 90% of the time they going through with the order shortly after the demos. Other times there is a full order placed, but then is cancelled.

Model and Summary

1997-8 Orion VI Hybrid Bus

Back in 1996, NJ Transit recieved 3 Orion VIs: 4000-4003. These buses were powered by a Detriot Diesel Series 30 Engine. The buses were later sent to NYCT, and NJ Transit ordered NOVABus Hybrids in place of them. The Orion VI hybrids were NJ Transit's only low floor buses, but due to an issue with Orion, NJ Transit decided against the order

2006 MTS RTS Legeonds

These buses were the original replacements for the Flxible Metro-Bs. The order was for 168 Transit and 221 Suburban buses. The MTS RTS buses had the same specs at the NABIs that are currently in service, However since the demo buses had many flaws, NJ Transit cancelled the order, and the two MTS demos (4201 for Suburban and 4101 for Transit) Were sent to Texas A&M University

2007 NABI 416 Demo Bus

Back in 2007, NABI sent a bus from DALLAS Dart's fleet to New Jersey transit as a demo. This bus was number 5722 from DART's fleet. The model was a 2004 NABI 416.14 and was returned shortly before a newer demo and first production buses (5201 and 5202) were sent to NJ Transit in January 2008. Currently, NJ Transit has NABI 416.15 models which is a restyled version of the 416.14 model.

2012 Designline EcoCoach

In 2012, NJ Transit took on the delivery of 12 Designline EcoCoach CNG buses to replace the original MCI 102-DWA3 CNG coaches which was delivered back in 2000.





Contains specific buses in NJ Transit's active/retired fleet with a twist, certain buses that were different from the others
Model and Summary

2000 MCI 102-DWA3 CNG #7077

Due to MCI bringing back the CNG series, this bus was retrofitted with a Cummins ISL-G based on the EPA 2010 standards. This bus is currently on tour with MCI on the west coast. No word on when it's due back to NJ

Details: Metro Magazine

2001 MCI D4000 #7618

This 2002 MCI bus was delivered with a ZF-Astronic transmission for testing purporses. The outcome of this would affect future orders of MCI Coaches As well as ZF's decision on whether or not to bring the Astronic Transmission to American markets. Of course, NJ Transit did not get these transmissions in future coach orders, but ZF did bring the Astronic transmission to the american market

2003 MCI D4000N

In 2003, as part of the MCI order, NJ Transit decided to get 4 buses with a width of 96 inches (7802-7805),  which opted MCI to add the D400N (N for Narrow) model back into the scene (MCI discontinued production of narrow buses in 1994). These buses were ONLY run out of Washington Township garage in Turnersville. They retired in 2018



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