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TransLink: Coast Mountain Bus Company - Hamilton Transit Center

Started by Marlow1331, April 21, 2019, 06:21:54 am

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Hey Everybody!

I thought i would begin sharing with you guys, the updates as they start to unfold of the map ive been constantly working on. I will be posting various updates and releases as they are completed.

Please note that this screenshot is a demonstration seen on Grundorf Extended, and is not a final product, reskin may differ from actual release.

This map will include but is not limited to:
New Flyer XN40, XD40, & XDE60 Repaints: Sweep-R/RapidBus Repaints
NovaBus LFS/LFS-S: Sweep-R/ExpressBus Repaints
Burnaby Area-New Westminster Expo Line SkyTrain Stations:
Edmonds Station
22nd Street Station
New Westminster Station
Columbia Station

Expo Line SkyBridge

Hamilton Transit Centre
with drivable routes, 104, 106, 112, to start.

A release date will not be known until later in 2019/early 2020


Just an update regarding progress...

So 22nd St Station, New Westminster Station, the Queensborough Bridge, Eight St, Sixth Ave, 12th St, Royal Ave , Carnarvon St, and Stewardson Way have all been laid down,

This map 2ill also feature Scott Road Stn, Gateway and Surrey Central in its first phase.  More updates soon.  Thanks


Awesome! Hopefully everything goes well. I'm also from Vancouver and it would be great to have a local map.

Also, that's a good skin you got there. You wouldn't happen to have a download link for it? I am still using Translinks old livery.


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