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4 Way Crossing Edit - from ashleytayles (w/ permission)

Started by New Era Support, March 06, 2019, 10:58:19 pm

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New Era Support

Hi There,

Recently, I have gotten a hold of the .obj file for the 4WayJunction crossing in OMSI 2, which is used frequently in the American OMSI map making community. My goal for getting this object was to edit the curb to make the junction a bit tighter and more "challenging." However, when I tried re-texturing, I cannot seem to get it to align with the height of the object. I am editing the image in GIMP due to lack of experience in Blender.

I am wondering if anyone is able to help me fix the texture to match up properly with the height of the curb, street, etc. Currently, it looks like this:

This object is made to match up with Splines\ADDON_SimpleStreets\RQ_20_4_spur_15m_narrow_Sidewalk_wide.sli

Any help is appreciated! :)

[attach name=ad.png type=image/png]1813[/attach]
[attach name=ada.png type=image/png]1815[/attach]


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