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West Cayuga City

Started by MattBOnboardBus2100, January 07, 2019, 12:34:56 pm

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Since New Year's Day, I've been working on a mod for Cayuga, creating virtually entirely new neighborhoods of Cayuga City. It includes a westward extension of Market Street and several new streets.

Currently it only has one functional bus route operating on it, the 31 City Hall - 76th/City via Market Street, which has 20 minute headways every day between 5 AM and 1 AM, requiring five buses to maintain this schedule. These buses are 40-foot models, which are D40LFs, DE40LFs, DE41LFs, Orion VII NG hybrids, XDE40s and one LFSe demonstration unit.

I've also included a functional elevated rapid transit route over Market Street between 46th Street and 63rd Street.

There is a minor glitch along the parts of Market Street served by the elevated railroad, where passengers may "fly" (yes, fly) up the support beams for the tracks.

I still have plenty of more things left to do (traffic lights, bus stop flags, so forth) and I would like to know if I need any help, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Now, the screenshots:

[spoiler]City Line Avenue between 75th and 77th Streets: You'll notice an instant difference on either side. The north side of City Line, which is a separate city that is currently unnamed, is there since every suburb needs to have a fancy part and this is one such. Residential streets in that city are largely lined with large trees and colonial revival-style homes. The south side is part of Cayuga City and features a large shopping district between 75th and 77th.

75th/Haverford Split: Nestled in the middle of a low-density rowhouse neighborhood along 75th Street and Haverford Avenue is a mid-rise housing project where the two roads intersect. A neighborhood recreation hall is part of the project and is at 75th and Butler.

Morris Park: Located where Haverford Avenue ends at University Avenue, this park features a football field, a running track, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, gymnasium and small bowling alley. Morris Park separates the low-density and higher-density parts of West Cayuga City.

63rd Street: One of the main north-south thoroughfares in West Cayuga City.

63rd/Market elevated station: Just west of this intersection, Market Street and the elevated tracks cross a small creek that serves as the border between Cayuga City and another city called Darby. 63rd is an "A" stop in the elevated's "skip-stop" system, meaning only "A" and "all stop" signed trains will serve this station.

Market Street and 62nd Street: This can easily be confused for any other intersection along Market Street west of 45th Street, with the street covered by the elevated, it's line of support beams and various multi-floor buildings with storefronts.

60th/Market elevated station: From this station on east, all stations are "all-stop" stations.

56th/Market elevated station: This intersection is anchored by a grocery store and a church.

52nd/Market elevated station: Anchored by an Arby's.

46th/Market elevated station: This is the last station on the elevated portion of the tracks before they turn, diverge underground and turn back towards Market Street.

Market Street between 43rd and 46th Streets: This is where Market Street emerges back into daylight. A high-rise housing project is located right across the tracks as buildings begin increasing in average height heading east.

Market Street and 42nd Street: This is the western boundary of what I'll call Midtown Cayuga, which extends east to the river that runs just east of 30th Street Station and features a number of skyscrapers.

Market/40th subway station: The first underground station on the tracks heading east. I plan to add a parking lot in the green space that exists behind the station entrance.

Market/34th subway station: The anchor of this intersection is an indoor arena used by a yet-to-be-named local college's athletic program, with specific sports unnamed as well.

Market Street and 32nd Street: This may be a bit extra for Midtown Cayuga, but I decided to plop in the Renaissance Center from Detroit so as to have something filling the space and a reason why Market Street no longer exists between 31st and 32nd.

Here are some random bus operation screenshots:


Cummins ISL

Excited! Do you have an ETA on the finish?


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