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Design the new CCTA livery! [Submissions Thread]

Started by Dash5155, January 25, 2019, 10:45:14 pm

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Hello everyone! So coming into 2019, we will be exploring some new venues when it comes to this community. First thing's first, your feedback is important to the improvement of the community. Trust and believe when I say I've been listening to what you guys have been saying, and I want to make sure all of your voices are heard by the public!

[attach width=800 name=Body-Gillig-LF.png type=image/png]1742[/attach]

Remember when Cayuga USA was the community's map, where everyone was allowed to give their own personal opinions of routes, design and the like? Well today we bring that back with this new competition: Design the New CCTA Livery! Here's the rules...

1. You must use the attached body template, and logos. This way it's fair to everyone to be involved.

2. You must post submissions in a submissions thread. Personal messages, discord messages, and anything that cannot be publicly accessed related to this competition WILL BE IGNORED. There will be an equivalent submissions thread to this in the OMSI/OMSI 2 Virtual Transportation Center facebook group, which is linked here where you are allowed to share submissions.

3. Submissions must be posted BEFORE February 4th, 2019.

4. Up to 2 submissions per user.

[attach name=cctalogoblack.png type=image/png]1744[/attach]

After all submissions are posted, there will be a facebook poll where everyone is allowed to pick their favorites. The winner will have their version of the CCTA livery become part of the February 24th update of the map, and all future versions of the map. On top of that, their livery will become the cover photo for the Facebook group as well as the VTC home page banner.

Happy posting!

*Note: This is in no way me being too lazy to come up with liveries myself and trying to pawn the work off on you guys. No totally it's not like that at all hehe




Guys remember there is but 4 days left to submit!


[attach name=CCTA+Livery+2.png type=image/png]1768[/attach]


Trying a simple and complex design. Maybe it's time for Cayuga to go back to its origins?


Congrats to FlxChamp for winning the competition!


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