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CCTA Route 75

Started by Dash5155, November 17, 2018, 04:28:54 am

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What's up everyone? So I think I finally completed the Cayuga USA route 75 (as of this post, but it's not in the released versions yet) that has been teased since the earliest builds of the map (with the street layout being ingame since the 0.5 build), and since people don't understand why, I figured it would be best to give a bit of a back story to the line.

The Plan:

See, the 75 was supposed to be ground breaking. It was to be one of the first lines in one of my maps to utilize "trolley buses." Problem is... the ones that existed in game kinda suck. I wanted it to resemble those used in Philadelphia route 75.

So ultimately I scrapped the plan to use them in the AI, and stuck with a more conservative approach and had standard buses run the line, with the wires still up in sort of an "abandoned trolley line" fashion, adding a more enviromental feel. The sad thing, is since the "City Line tram" idea was scrapped first, it just seems like a repeating trend in the Cayuga map.

Wayne Junction

Speaking of scrapped ideas, although the name of the terminus "Wayne Junction" shares a name with the real terminus on route 75 in Philadelphia, the actual setup of said terminus moreso pays homage to Grundelphia Wayne Junction station, which originally was meant to be a terminus on multiple lines (obviously, the idea was scrapped because I didn't know what the heck I was doing back then). In many ways, Cayuga ended up being what Grundelphia could only dream of becomming. (and by Grundelphia, I mean 2014 me).



See, originally, when I made this setup, I assumed that the ground could automatically be fixed. The incline only existed because I accidentally rose the terrain and didn't know how to fix it (the same applies to the slightly decended terrain around the original Penn's Landing). Because I didn't know how to fix it, I couldn't put a mini-hub in front of the station like I wanted to. In these days, pulling over to the side of the road as traffic passed was also not an option, because I rarely used splines that would allow me to do so. I was lost, I ended up making the "City Line" terminus which served the 51 and 9 lines down the line, but that also explains why some versions of Grundelphia has "Wayne Junction" listed as a terminus on the .hof files.

It Got Fixed in Cayuga

Like many issues in Grundelphia, a fixed version exists in Cayuga. The randomly dropping terrain in Grundelphia was replaced by a much smoother transitioning terrain in Cayuga (which also explains why there isn't as many inclines), but the best fix has got to be Wayne Junction.
With this better and improved version of Wayne Junction, buses can terminate on the sides of the road as intended, Currently, there are no plans to add in AI trains, so technically the Grundelphia version is more active than the Cayuga version, but I can honestly close the books on this annoying to implement system and can finally write off route 75 as a drivable line. In a future update, The 75 will match this schedule and have helpers.

This is really the first time I wrote about one of these lines like this, mainly because this one in particular holds so much history to me.

The Lycanroc Gamer


I had the same idea, except it was going to be more eerie: A abandoned trolley garage and old, rusty trolley tracks that go to a abandoned train station.

Then the idea was gonna get scrapped and replaced with something less spooky, but then i remembered one thing: it's perfect for a state where trollybuses are common.


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