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"Offline" Required Objects/Splines

Started by Dash5155, August 27, 2018, 08:26:16 am

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This object pack is separate from the install packs of maps mainly because the products were not created by any developers on this site.

Download here

The following objects are included in this:

  • Map: Manly Act Two
  • Scenery Objects:  David M. Objects
  • Scenery Objects: 3dtransstudio (all of theses objects)
  • Scenery Objects: 3dstudio
  • Scenery Objects: Tony's A Objects
  • Scenery Objects: Freeman's Buildings
  • Scenery Objects: Road-Hog 123's Brittish Style Road Objects
  • Splines: Addon Simple Streets
  • Splines: Yufa Splines
  • Splines: Terrain Splines
***Please note that maps themselves are not included in the packages, as no one here owns the rights to these. This is simply a pack to get the maps on vtransitcenter.com working. Any questions? Ask on the forums here:


If you are one of the devs of content in this pack, and wish to have something in this pack removed, do not hesitate to inform me at dashgaming5155@gmail.com

Total Download Size: 2.08GB

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