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OMSI Roadeo 2018 - September 15th

Started by Dash5155, August 18, 2018, 03:09:23 pm

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Hello all you guys, this thread is for the OMSI Roadeo for 2018! What, you don't know what the OMSI roadeo is? If not, check this out:

Basically, the OMSI Roadeo is a competition for the best of the best drivers in OMSI, as well as an opportunity to show off buses/paints/mods that we've all been working on, all in one place. To keep things organized, we will allow submissions to the roadeo in this thread. This way, everyone can see what's going on before it happens. However. After the roadeo submission time-frame is reached, all submission comments in this thread will be removed in order to "suprise" everyone with which runs make it and which runs do not.

This year we will be doing the same run as last: Grundorf Route 76 from Krakenhaus to Bauernhof. The Grundorf map comes default with OMSI and OMSI 2, so no one needs to track down dependencies or have a super computer to participate.

If you wish to contribute to this year's Roadeo, here's the guidelines.

For runs:
  • You must start your video from idle. As in, you cannot start while your bus is moving or that's an automatic deduction on your final score
  • You will be graded based on your performance, so try to avoid collisions and improper driving
  • Standard sized buses only (40 feet/12 meters)

For displays/idle screens:

  • Even if you're showing off a repaint, there must be at least two buses on screen
  • any map can be used for this, so feel free to get creative
  • You must specify you are contributing for display/idle screens
  • Only screenshots and video clips less than 1 minute long will be accepted
  • (Recommendation) If possible, use the Grundorf.hof and put in code 29 for the OMSI readout

You can submit old runs, as well as new runs as long as they meet the guidelines (in otherwords, a video from 2015 would not be disqualified). All submissions must be sent in by September 8th. All runs submitted September 9th and onward will not be counted.

Happy posting!



Congratulations Aaliyah Evans on winning the Roadeo!

[attach width=1024 name=2.pnt.png type=image/png]1669[/attach]


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