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Cayuga Midwest 0.1 (Officially Released)

Started by CTA_FlxibleFan, April 03, 2018, 03:35:32 am

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Cayuga Midwest 0.1
Once upon a time Cayuga 0.5 was the beginning of a map dynasty from creator Dash5155. As time went on I began to take on the task to develop my vision of Chicago and RTA's operations through his map and once Cayuga 0.6 came around the progress of 0.5 had already begin to take shape and I stuck with the challenge to not only expand the map but make it my own.

Brief Rundown:
The semi fictional US State is located between Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana. In this map, you'll notice several changes to the surrounding areas of the original version of Dash's Cayuga 0.5 including two new downtown areas north and west of Downtown Cayuga. Also several branches of routes travel from one end of the city to another while other adjoining routes serve several inncer-city communities and suburban areas. Local towns such as Greenville and Lakeland will receive a major overhaul later on this year.I send all my thanks to Dash5155 for creating this map in 2015 and giving me the opportunity to collaborate our ideas together while also giving myself the opportunity to showcase my skill set and talent towards this map that I solely expanded on my own since late 2016.

I would also like Credits to the following users that have helped me along the way through development of CM 0.1 .I feel like theirs more but I can't remember everyone.

Fishbowl 5227

Available on VTC
Liberty 0.2.3
Cayuga 0.6

Great Grundorf 2

Chicago DLC

New John City (Link has been updated)

Daytonford (Updated Link) Thanks to MTA_Donny

Project Lublin

"Offline" Required Objects/Splines

Airport Addon

Photo Gallery

Map (Updated as of 10/18/18) 10:16 PM
Cayuga Midwest 0.1 Official 2019 Patch #2 (Map only)

Sceneryobjects (You must download every link and extract the contents to your scenery-objects folder.)
[spoiler]Sceneryobjects -5/30/18
MSTS Trees 5/31/18

Splines (You must download every link and extract the contents to your splines folder.)
[spoiler]Chuckinhos_Splines -5/30/18
Freyfurt -6/7/18

Repaints Final Version (Fixed opacity for New Flyer issues) As of -5/30/18


(Udated Link)

CCTA Bus Roster

2000-2002 NOVA LFS(6400-6883):
Engine: Cummins ISC
Transmission: ZF 5HP552C

2006-2009 New Flyer D40LF(1000-2029)

Engine:Cummins ISM
Transmission:ZF 6HP592C

Engine:Cummins ISL
Transmission:ZF 6HP594C

(1930-2029) Allison B400

2006-2007 New Flyer DE40LF

Engine(5900-5909): Cummins ISL

Transmission(5900-5909): Allison EP-40 Hybridrive System

2008-2009 New Flyer C40LF
Cummins ISL
Transmission(5910-5949):ZF 6HP594C

2008-2009 New Flyer DE60LF (4000-4207)
Engine: Cummins ISL

Transmission: Allison EP-50 Hybridrive System

2014-2016  Nova LFS Smart Bus (7900-8325)
Engine: Cummins ISL9

Transmission: ZF6AP1400B

Also make sure you download all links made available in the requirements above!and to gain a quicker response join our very own VTC discord.https://discord.gg/wvyqZNN
Post has been updated as of 10:22 PM 2/12/19


nice map so far by pictures (quote on the last picture the bus stop is little bit under ground)


Quote from: dedog on April 03, 2018, 04:41:59 am
nice map so far by pictures (quote on the last picture the bus stop is little bit under ground)

Lol I keep for getting about that, every time I adjust the terrain in that area it sinks back down.


To see more photos of Cayuga Midwest 0.1 check out my Flickr page to see the progress. https://www.flickr.com/photos/160789544@N05/


Hey Does Anybody Know How I Can Let The Bike Rack Down On The NEwFlyer40lf? I Would really appreciate it. Thank you.


Credits go to MTA_Donny and BlueKnight17 (Creator of New John City and the mod)

Before using make backups of the New Flyer scripts and model folders.


Okay thanks. And when you say back up, what do you mean?


Quote from: thatleodj92 on April 09, 2018, 05:55:56 pm
Okay thanks. And when you say back up, what do you mean?

Make back up files just in case you have trouble with it.


Okay I got you. Thank you.



Quote from: thatleodj92 on April 09, 2018, 06:16:35 pm
If Anyone has Instagram plz go follow me @transit_everywhere_metro Thanks

Not the place or post to promote yourself on. Please remove that from this topic.


Sorry about that. So I downloaded it and I put in where itââ,¬â,,¢s supposed to go. But it didnââ,¬â,,¢t work bike racks is not down.

TGN Productions

The discord link is expired.


Alright so here's an update on where the progress of the map is currently:

-One stretch of road is left to complete which i'll have finished by the end of today. (Austin Ave)
-All routes have been completed
-Scenery is near 85% completed
-Timetables are nearly 90% complete
-Scheduled beta testing will be coming soon
-Repaints are a 100% complete



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