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NABI40LFW/Neoplan AN459/460 Series

Started by Mikey, January 10, 2018, 07:30:26 pm

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So, fast forward a couple of weeks and we now have the NABI40LFW in game.




Mekali Amayas Kaga

Now this is something I've thought about for a while now, but is there a chance where the bus will actually be fast enough to make it up hills? Some of the buses that I drive in Grundelphia don't make it up hills even though they should. I'm not exactly sure why that is, something to do with the gear ratios? I'm hoping this won't be an issue with this particular bus as the AN460 is one of my favorites.

EDIT: What are the chances of a Houston METRO or PAAC AN460 being made with the suburban configuration?



I use a test map to test drive all my Veichles to make sure they operate as good as they do in real life, but at times I may miss something and not notice it, hence why when you guys get the first release, you must inform me of any problems.

As for those models you requested, they will be added in due time.


Any updates on these bad boys? The Nabi G2 LFW is my second favorite bus ever  ;D


The Lycanroc Gamer

what's the progress of the Neoplan USA AN459/AN460RC?

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