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Grundorf Extended V 2.0 by Josefwa123

Started by Dash5155, December 18, 2016, 03:01:28 am

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Although I'm not the developer of this map, I did, infact, help get the map compatible with OMSI 2 and thus forth can support it for those who need it

Grundorf Extended 2


Breif Description (from the developer)

Hello and welcome to Grundorf 2.0! We've all played Grundorf, and over time it gets boring, so I thought: Why not make a better one? So here I went: Grundorf 2.0! So I hope you like it, have fun and leave a rating!

Click here for OMSI 1 version
Click Here for OMSI 2 version

You can use this thread for support, since I am well equipped for handling such requests.

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Link for OMSI 2 not working. I get this:

[size=4.5rem]404. That's an error.[/size][/size]We're sorry, the page you were trying to reach does not exist or has recently been (re)moved.Power of Interest is currently undergoing construction, so this page might return in the future.For now, you can go back to the homepage, and find all you need for now.[size=4.5rem]


TGN Productions

OMSI 1 Is not even around anymore, i don't think. OMSI 2 is the only version of the game out.


Yeah I just thought that this map was made for omsi 1 too cause of the link up top that dosent work anymore.

TGN Productions


Quote from: TGN Productions on April 24, 2018, 08:58:14 pm
The link does work.

The link still works, Just click on Go to Homepage and scroll down and it's at the bottom of the page.
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We're gonna have to rehost this, the website is officially down


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