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What transit company do you represent?

Started by Star Platinum, January 22, 2017, 11:46:49 AM

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GO Raleigh

I represent GO Raleigh, branch 1 of 5 transit agencies around the Raleigh area that started just a few years ago. In this area, 4 transit companies combined to form a better commuting system for passengers. The new names for these are: Go Triangle (For Commuters - "Connecting the Triangle"), Go Durham (a suburb of Raleigh), Go Cary (another suburb), and Go Chapel Hill.


I also represent Go Raleigh as well that's funny to see somebody else like Go Raleigh as much as I do!


if I still drove a bus this would be mine also.. Penntran-HRT.. NN here glad other Hampton Roads people play as well

Devon Swaby

i may hate xcelisors in real life because they replacing the diversity and my fave buses but im from hempstead ny home of the mitchell field depot so i have to go with nice (nassau intercounty express)


It's 2019 now, does anyone feel the same way they did back then? I don't.

My favorite transit system is now the one at my home away from home: Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit of Ithaca, NY. I've also been doing a lot of video on their buses lately.

If anything, this agency is to thank that this website even exists - because a lot of what they've done influenced what maps I've made in OMSI, and even got me involved with OMSI in the first place (I know, a lot of people think it was SEPTA but that's mainly because I'm more familiar with SEPTA.


SEPTA and GoRaleigh

SEPTA because I used to live in Philly and will always be my home
GORaleigh as... well it's obvious lmao


King County Metro, Sound Transit, and Community Transit!


The Lycanroc Gamer

Nicholas Normand

The transit company I'm with is lake Charles transit
Lake Charles is a city in Louisiana right next to sulphur on the way to the Texas border in southwest Louisiana
The color scheme of the transit Company is based on blue gold and white
Which is the colors of mcneese state University a college in lake Charles Louisiana
And the bus fleet is made up of gillig low floor buses with one bus that looks like a trolley
Link to lake Charles transit website is below u will be able to c a picture of the gillig low floor bus and the trolley bus as well

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