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TrAcSe/Transit Action Series Discussion

Started by Dash5155, October 13, 2019, 11:25:50 PM

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Hey everyone,

So for those of you who have joined up on VTC from a video seen on "DashTransit," this thread is where you can discuss suggestions and where-to next on the Channel. This is also where I will post about updates be it future videos or planned lack of videos.

As of right now, the following videos are planned for release over the next week:

Buses at Whitman Plaza

Full Philly PHLASH Ride

Also, in 2020, (as the 10-year anniversary of uploads to the channel) will be focusing on revisiting/recreating videos made in 2010. With that being said a lot of these locations will not be visited for the remainder of 2019. So with that being said, the following videos are planned to be done January 2020:

63rd Street Station MFL
Fern Rock (although this video WAS done in 2019)
Huntingdon Station MFL
Spring Garden Station MFL
Temple University

NJ Transit
Washington Township Garage
Trenton Transit Center
Philadelphia: 6th Street

MTA New York
Metro North: 125th St. Station/Harlem
Metro North: Marble Hill
New York City Transit/MTA Bus: 149th St (6) Line Station (Bronx)

PATCO Lindenwold Line FULL Ride
Downtown Philadelphia (with several nods to the Downtown 1999 video)
A Clip Show Featuring one clip from every year (to be named/themed later but likely Downtown Philadelphia)

As stated, any suggestions feel free to comment


So for those who actually was looking forward to a Metro-North Railroad video, the release date can now be confirmed to be Halloween 2019, at 3pm EDT


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