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interior displays xcelsior

Started by Jam_nyc, April 11, 2020, 08:30:56 pm

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hello all  does anyone know why on the xcelsiors that I have the interior display does not function  ive seen vids on them workin. please help


You gotta be logged into Clever device


Memorize these controls

IBIS: Enter   Ctrl + Num Enter
IBIS: 0...9   Ctrl + Num 0 ... Num 9
IBIS: Delete   Ctrl + Num . (Del)
IBIS: Line/Course   Ctrl + Num *
IBIS: Route   Ctrl + Num /
IBIS: Terminus   Ctrl + Num -


In order to set the bus you must enter the line number which is usually the line number and then 00

So say route 75 would be 7500.

In order to enter this, gotta first set the IBIS into "line number mode" then enter the actual numbers. If you are using the keyboard for this, you must hold the ctrl key while entering the following on the numpad:

[num *][num 7][num 5][num 0][num 0][num enter]

Then release the ctrl key. This enters the code 7500 for the line number and confirms it. Wait a few seconds and then check your bus' destination sign. If you did this correctly, your bus should be displaying this:


NOW to enter the proper direction for the bus you must perform a similar action, but first you must set the IBIS into route mode. In this instance, the route will be the direction. Usually this is 01 or 02, but some maps have different numbers for each, up to 99 can be possible so it's best to check which is which, safest assumption is that it's 01 or 02 though.

In this example we will use 01. SO in order to put in a direction, so first put the IBIS machine into route mode, then enter the code 01 and confirm. If you are using the keyboard, hold the ctrl key while entering the following into the numpad.

[num *][num 0][num 1][num enter]

Then release the ctrl key. If you entered this correctly, your destination sign should now be displaying a route and a destination (provided the map you're using has such a route and line number).

If your bus is now displaying something, your interior signs and next-stop voice announcements should also be working. If the bus does not announce the next stop on its own as you approach it, simply use the "Q" key on your keyboard and the next stop will refresh on your bus, causing the next stop announcement to play.

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