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How to Access OMSI 2 Editor

Started by Dash5155, May 13, 2017, 03:07:41 pm

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A very crucial function in OMSI 2 is so near-impossible to get to without the know how (or previously having OMSI 1 and just knowing how to get to it).

Step one: Open up steam, and right click OMSI 2 in the library to bring up the menu.

Step two: select "properties" and when the secondary window comes up, select the "Local Files" tab. You can kinda guess the next step

Yeah, select browse local files, find "OMSI.exe" in the folder that comes up and create a shortcut of it.

Right-click the label and then under targer, add [space]-editor at the end

You can rename the actual shortcut file and put it wherever after you're done this step, and it will forever work (although there's one more step). When you click on the shortcut, you have to go back into steam sometimes because a warning message comes up to confirm you are the one who tried to launch OMSI in this manner. Just click okay and then OMSI 2 Editor will load. You're done.

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I see the way you think Dash... Making these tutorials to boost your posts eh?
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Quote from: Miller on May 13, 2017, 03:11:18 pm
I see the way you think Dash... Making these tutorials to boost your posts eh?

Derp derpity derp...



Derp derpity derp...


You can also access the OMSI 2 Editor by just pinning the OMSI 2 file to your taskbar. When you do that, the next time you try to run OMSI 2 through it, it will give you the Steam popup for starting up the Editor.
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