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Regarding COVID-19

Started by Dash5155, April 08, 2020, 04:35:23 pm

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Hello Everyone,

So I suffered a loss due to the COVID-19, and it's bad enough my motivation to do OMSI related things was not there, but now it's really not there. I will still do live streams and work on Cayuga every now and then but I probably won't do it as much. Above all else, I really need to be sure I'll survive this (things have gotten REALLY bad)

Pretty sure no one cares about what I said, and they just want to know when they're getting mods so I'll say this. Cayuga USA will be updated at some point soon, but any support, requests, etc, will be ignored because I really need time to recover. Thank you for understanding.

I know the world is in a panic, chaos, and stuff like that. I just want to strongly urge everyone to stay home and only go out if they absolutely HAVE to go out. No one else should have to suffer what I've gone through. Maybe we can all use this thread as a means to communicate in a safe place.


I'm so sorry for your lost Dash. I do appreciate your work on Cayuga but valuing life and taking time to recover is way more important then anything else. You stay strong and positive Dash. I appreciate your hard work and dedication you have put into Cayuga. Also thanks for the wonderful reminder for staying in. Its very important.


Hey brother i'm sorry to hear about your loss and take as much time as you need

Also don't worry about these twats asking for the addons or whatever
Your life comes first



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