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Cayuga USA Release Date Clarifications/Bug Reports

Started by Dash5155, March 02, 2019, 10:22:23 am

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The current release of Cayuga USA is the v0.7.6 patch released on April 15th 2019. Click the banner below to get the latest release

Just to clarify to reduce potential questions, unless something crutial (like map-breaking) is discovered in the current releases, here's the schedule for Cayuga USA releases:

Cayuga USA v0.7.6 - April 15th 2019
Cayuga USA v0.7.7 - May 1st 2019
Cayuga USA v0.8 - TBD

Version 0.7.7 would only fix bugs mentioned in 0.7.6, no new routes will be introduced in this release.
The v0.8 release would potentially would introduce routes 7 and 316 as well as rwo airport routes and two night-time Direct routes.

There's no more NEW routes on the other than the hints dropped here. Anything else you hear or see is simply speculations, ideas, references and otherwise not the real deal. The announcements calling out routes that aren't actually there are either call backs to an older version or an idea that was ultimately rejected.

As of right now, routes like the 59, 89, and 101 that were supposed to be introduced in 0.4 with helpers and stuff still floating around are slated to be scrapped. Routes 91 is the only one of these routes that will still be made but it won't be introduced until possibly the final version.

Use this thread to comment on release dates or ACTUAL bugs (not just "bruh I can't get the map to work") here. Everything else like route suggestions and requests for getting the map working should go in the main support thread for Cayuga USA

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