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An addon map for OMSI Bus Simulator, by LOCKHEART.

Welcome to Willshire, A fictional Canadian city set in the province of Ontario. Willshire is a mix of a large city with plenty of workspaces, and a commuter's city.

Willshire is set in the present time and is one of four cities in the area. Greendale and Kindlewood sit just outside of Willshire, with Ridgewood just beyond. Plenty of varied routes to choose from, such as commuter routes, cross-town routes, to even shuttle routes. Willshire also sports one of the first Underground terminal and semi-outside terminals in OMSI, sure to thrill any city dweller.

Please note:

This map is very resource heavy, as such it's highly recommended that you lower your settings if you encounter lag. Please also understand that lower-end computers will experience lag regardless of their settings but hopefully is bearable. I do however apologize to those that cannot at all run this map, hopefully, future releases will focus on routes outside of Willshire itself that will run better for you.

Mods required:

Drive these routes (IBIS codes are also shown):

Route Name: 13 Community Centre <=> County Hospital

Code: 01300

Route Number: 1 (County Hospital) 2 (Community Centre)

Route Name: 27 Warden Station <=> Simcoe Station

Code: 02700

Route Number: 1 (Simcoe Station) 2 (Warden Station)

Route Name: 42 Greendale Gardens <=> Bloor Terminal

Code: 04200

Route Number: 1 (Bloor Terminal) 2 (Greendale Gardens)

Route Name: 32 White Oaks <=> Willshire Zoo

Code: 03200

Route Number: 1 (Willshire Zoo) 2 (White Oaks)

Route Name: 51 College Hill <=> Dansville Station

Code: 05100

Route Number: 1 (Dansville Station) 2 (College Hill)

Route Name: 22 Bloor Terminal <=> Kindlewood Station

Code: 02200

Route Number: 1 (Kindlewood Station) 2 (Bloor Terminal)

Route Name: E1 Bloor Terminal <=> Kindlewood Station

Code: 00101

Route Number: 1 (Shuttle Line)

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What's New in Version 1.1
Released February 18, 2014

- Consolidated with Hotfix
- Version 1.0 uploaded

Development of this map is discontinued and the map is unsupported.

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