UpLift Signage Pack

Uplift Signage Pack
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  • Create Date February 10, 2018
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UpLift Signage Pack

UpLift Signage Pack

This pack of signs is currently in development. This pack includes the following:

  • Assorted Yellow Diamond warning signs
  • Speed limit signs included are in increments of 5mph for speeds from 5mph to 80mph & in increments of 10 for km/h from 10km/h up to 100km/h. These signs are meant to be raised to any height & mounted on existing poles.
  • Road regulation signs, such as parking restrictions & road use restrictions, which also include attachable tabs for some of these.

Simply extract to the main OMSI 2 folder & begin placing on your maps like any other object.

A new texturing technique called [matl_freetex] is being employed on all sign models from now on. Devs are encouraged to switch to the new format if they're using previously released signs.
To change textures on a sign that uses the new format: select the sign, then click on the "label..." button to bring up the label dialogue box. Then enter your desired texture filename [(insertnamehere).png] from the model's associated texture folder into the line marked as sign image.

02/11/2018: the first release - added speed limit signs in mph & km/h.
02/19/2018: Updated Canadian speed limit signs to British Columbia specification using Helvetica font instead of Highway Gothic.
11/19/2019: Added assorted Yellow Diamond warning signs, Clearview font for use on 2 included variable height signs
11/20/2019: Fixed minor formatting issue with variable Metric height clearance warning sign, added variable overpass clearance signs
07/30/2020: Added a whole host of new signs & a new texturing technique that uses fewer model files. Devs using my signs are encouraged to transition their speed limit & yellow diamond road hazard signs to the new format.

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